Some Articles of Maritime History

Ireland and the WW1 Endgame

David Snook our speaker talks about how he has endeavoured to improve his understanding of Ireland’s part in the WW1

SS Isolda Lecture

Elleesa Rushby MA, a current PhD student at the University of Bedfordshire, UK., is researching ambiguous loss in descendants of

My search for Du Teillay

When David’s grandmother Elizabeth Sullivan née Gill (school teacher and amateur historian) died in 1987, the family entrusted her vast

Captain Halpin Lecture

Born in a dockside tavern in Wicklow town, Robert Halpin began his seafaring career at the age of eleven. Unafraid

Ghost Ship Legends

This talk will discuss the stories of the coast, in which history is woven through with folklore, and the spirits

The Lady Nelson

By James Robinson M.Phil. On 14th October 1809, The Lady Nelson, Captain Bernard Wade, was shipwrecked on a voyage from

SS Lochgarry

The first time I dived the wreck of the SS Lochgarry it was a hot day in June and I

Pirates at Muglins

Original Newspaper Report PETER M’KINLIE, GEORGE GIDLEY, ANDREW ZEKERMAN, AND RICHARD ST. QUINTIN Executed for Piracy and Murder, December 19th,

Lost to Time and Tide

There were no constructed harbours in this part of Dublin Bay before the early 1800’s. Boats, small ones that is,

Man-of-war Head, Dublin

By Cormac F. Lowth. Man Of War in North County Dublin could be better described as a hamlet rather than

Moyalla Salvage

The salvage of the valuable cargo of the Moyalla is the tale of triumph of a skilled first time salvor

Vasa – 50 years on

THE VASA, FIFTY YEARS ON Illustrated Lecture, (abridged) given to the Maritime Institute of Ireland, by Cormac F. Lowth, in

Dublin Shipyards

Irish Shipbuilding Miscellaneous Dublin yards While the main shipbuilding in Dublin Involved the Liffey yard,  later Vickers, and Ross &

The Flanders Flotilla

The repeated claims that America declared against Germany during WW1 because her citizens and ships had been attacked by German