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My search for Du Teillay

When David’s grandmother Elizabeth Sullivan née Gill (school teacher and amateur historian) died in 1987, the family entrusted her vast collection of research – letters, charts and historical documents to David.  Over the past 35 years, with the help of DNA, genealogy software and computers David has managed to advance her research quite considerably.

David’s research centres around one individual: John William Sullivan.  John was shot and beheaded in 1754 by the English and had his head spiked on the South Gate of Cork City.

His ship was burnt and sunk.

Using family lore, historical records and ancient letters David has managed to piece together the final days of this ship which has lead finally to the discovery of a ship wreck.

This is the wreck of the Du Teillay. The ship that took Prince Charles Edward Stuart to Scotland for the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion.

David Sullivan will centre his presentation around three stories about this man John William Sullivan and his ship. The Irish story, the English story and his own story.

David Sullivan (aka Skully) is a music producer, composer and sound designer.

His music has been used in movies, documentaries and TV shows all over the World including Madonna’s Next Best Thing, Dead Like Me, Soul Surfer, Black Coral, Lila dit ça and many others. He is the music half of the duo Metisse.   David is also an amateur historian and genealogist.

This is the first time David will have talked about his research.