Level 5 Restrictions

As the country will return to Level 5 restrictions on December 24th, the Museum will be closed from that date.

The waters off of Newfoundland and Labrador are often hostile – and according to legend, haunted. This talk will discuss the stories of the coast, in which history is woven through with folklore, and the spirits of lost ships and sailors are said to return. The Ghost Ship Map of Newfoundland and Labrador brings archival material to life by presenting legends from local communities in visual and interactive form.

Thursday March 25th 7:30pm

Face Coverings

Face coverings are currently mandatory in Museums and some other public spaces. Please ensure you have a face mask before entering the Museum to be compliant.



Our Library is currently closed and because of this, we are currently unable to accept book donations. We hope to resume this facility as soon as possible.

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Ireland’s National Maritime Museum is housed in Dun Laoghaire’s 180-year-old Mariners Church, directly opposite the new DLR Lexicon library and easily accessible by DART suburban train and several bus services.

The museum’s greatest artefact is probably the building itself as it is one of a few custom built places of worship for seafarers remaining intact in the world today.

Experienced guides will bring you on a voyage of discovery, enthralling you with stories of discovery, heroism, war and disasters at sea. You will learn about maritime history, exploration, navigation, radio, deep-sea cable technology, nature, wildlife and view art inspired by the sea.

It will give you a first-hand impression of the Museum as it used to be, a church of worship, a Mariners Church
Come and view the actual optic as depicted by James Joyce in ‘Ulysses’ (and weighing in at almost 10 tonnes!)
We have created a radio room complete with vintage Marconi radio stations. Come in and send a message in Morse Code
A great story of how we have (seemingly) an artefact from the RMS Titanic. Plenty of twists and turns..
Find directions and contact information for the Museum
Get information on admission prices and opening times
The museum is wheelchair accessible (except for the gallery area)
Find out how you can become a member and support the Maritime Institute of Ireland
If you are thinking of a civil  Ceremony, it’s a truly unique venue
See what’s happeing in the museum and what events are planned





Some of the many areas covered by our exhibits and focussed on during guided tours are:

Maritime Technology

Halpin and the laying of the transatlantic cable

Maritime Communication

International Code of Signals

Maritime History

Admiralty charts


Discover the working of the Baily Optic


Radio Station/Morse code transmitter

Irish Geography

Dun Laoghaire Town development

Pride of Place Award Winner 2019

The National Maritime Museum received a special award for at the Pride of Place Awards ceremony which took place on Saturday 30th November in Lyrath Estate Kilkenny. 
They noted that the Museum was“…an exceptional showcase of a heritage that is of the utmost importance and international interest…” Read more

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