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Miscellaneous Dublin yards

While the main shipbuilding in Dublin Involved the Liffey yard,  later Vickers, and Ross & Walpole several early years have disappeared without trace.

Viking shipbuilding

During construction work a Viking shipbuilding area was discovered on Dublin quays near the civic offices at Wood Quay.  The site is marked by a bronze representation of a Viking shipThere is speculation based on ring analysis and carbon dating that one of the Roskilde (Denmark) boats was built at Dublin.

Yards in 1761

Lloyds register for 1761 lists ships built at Dublin from Murphy’s Cardiffs Kehoes, Kinchs. At the time there were two yards at Georges quay and another two at Sir J Rogersons Quay

North Strand The brigantine Thompson burthen 65 tons will be sold to the highest bidder on 19 February next. The inventory may be seen at the secretary’s office at the shipbuildings on the North Strand.  Faulkners Dublin journal 24-1-1740.

Ferry point A reference in Faulkners Dublin Journal describes a location on17-6-1740 as  Flanagan’s public house at the ferryboat at the shipbuilding

Archibold & Howard Moore -Tthe1753  Wilson’s directory Archibiold & Howard lists Moore Shipwrights at Georges Quay


Slipway at Blackhall Place Before the Liffey was enclosed by walls about 1820 a considerable slipway is mapped at Blackhall place.


Ringsend foundry In 1829 the Ringsend Foundry built engines for the Marchioness of Welesley


Maritime trades in Dublin 1761

Almanack Registry Dublin – In Gilbert Library, Pearse Street

Name Trade Address
Luke Burke Sailmaker City Quay
Richard Brien Sailmaker Smithfield
Burgess Anchormaker Georges Quay
Clement Clinton Ropemaker Rogersons quay
Coughlan Jane Ropemaker New row Thomas st
Wm Cormick Anchormaker Georges quay
Wm Dudley Sailmaker Smithfield
Thomas Finegan Sailmaker Smithfield
Thomas Fleming Sailmaker Smithfield
Grace John Sailmaker Smithfield
Heron Anthony Sailmaker City Quay
Kinch Sobieski Shipwright & Grocer City Quay
Mc Nally Sailmaker Smithfield
John Robison Ship Broker Temple bar
JamesReilly Sailmaker Chanel row