Lifeboats in DúnLaoghaire

There have been lifeboats in Dublin Bay for more than 200 years. This is one of the oldest services in existence. The first lifeboat was located at Sandycove and run by the Dublin Ballast Board. In 1817 a lifeboat was located in Old Dunleary, before the present harbour was built.In 1861 the RNLI took over control of the Lifeboat service and built a boathouse and slipway to house the lifeboat. This can still be seen beside the National Yacht Club at the top of the East pier. By 1890 there was a second lifeboat, originally kept on moorings, but later housed in a new boathouse beside the Carlisle pier.

DunLaoghaire Harbour


In November 1807 two ships, the Rochdale and Prince of Wales set sail from Pigeonhouse harbour in Dublin, bound for England. They were carrying newly recruited militia for the Napoleonic War, and their families. But bad fortune struck and an easterly gale forced the two ships onto rocks between Blackrock and Seapoint. They were wrecked and nearly 400 people drowned. 

LOP 6 Howth Head

guarding neutral ireland
LOP 6 Howth Head

The Coastwatching Service in Howth, Co. Dublin: LOP 6, the Summit, Howth