HMS Guide Me II Gun Restored

A fantastic new addition to the Museum

The Guide Me II was built in Aberdeen in 1907 as a Peterhead F.V. Drifter (i.e. a drift-net fishing boat) by Hall, Russell & Co. She  grossed  100  tons  and  was  approximately 26m long and 5.6m wide. In March  1915, she was hired by the Admiralty in and converted into an anti-submarine  coastal  gunboat, with the addition of a six-pound gun.

She sank while  on patrol after collision with, depending on reports, either an unnamed vessel, or the nearby Muglins rock. The site of impact is clearly visible as a large hole on the starboard side. The Guide Me II was rediscovered in 1990 by Ivan Tunsted.


You can see the full Infomar details on the site  as a pdf Here

There’s also a 3D rendering, with a correct browser, from INFOMAR/Ulster University below – otherwise visit their page