Fethard Lifeboat Disaster

15 December 2009

A Chara,

Last weekend in  Rosslare, County Wexford, Ireland a booklet was launched on the Fethard Lifeboat Disaster. David Maloney (Launch Secretary)Rosslare Lifeboat launched the booklet on behalf of the O’Rourke family and the event was covered by the press.

The occasion was the gathering of the O’Rourke Family from all over the globe.  The family are the decedents of William Duggan of Wexford (Fort) Lifeboat who was decorated for his bravery in the disaster.  The rare thing about the bravery of William Duggan was that the GAA awarded him and a colleague a specially struck GAA gold medal for their bravery.

This has never been done before of since in the history of the GAA were medals have awarded for an achievement off the field of sport

I have attached a PDF copy of the booklet. Please feel free to add it to a history Tab.

Kind Regards,

Anthony O’Brien.

The booklet is here: Fethard Disaster as a PDF (you might have to enable pop-ups)