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Shipwrecks from the Egyptian Red Sea – Book Review

Shipwrecks from the Egyptian Red Sea
Ned Middleton; Illustrated by Rico Oldfield

 Red Sea Wrecks

Ned Middleton is a well known wreck enthusiast and renowned researcher. Lavishly illustrated, accompanied by good charts and with Rico Oldfield illustrations. This is a deluxe production and full credit must go to the publisher for a book of this standard. The Rico illustrations are a particular feature because they would map the geography of a wreck before a dive. This would save time and energy if a diver was looking for a particular feature at the bottom. That is not to say that this is a mere coffee table souvenir book. The research is impeccable and the story of each wreck is followed up in immense detail. Former names of the ships have been traced (very important if you find the bell) and legends debunked. All the favourites are covered from the Thistlegorm to some deeper shipwrecks. This would be great evening reading as the sun sets and a cool drink is placed at your elbow on a luxury liveaboard. Visions of lost treasure could be conjured as you read the story of tomorrow’s wreck that you plan to dive. There is a tantalizing list of missing wrecks in the area showing just how much remains to be found. You need this book if you are going wreck diving in the Red sea.

Review by Ed Bourke