Newsletter June 2019

Brendan Neary – Obituary from 1993 By Jim Wolohan

The Mariners Church in Dún Laoghaire houses two aspects of the Maritime Institute’s activities – the museum and the library. As the greater activity centres on the museum, there was the chance that the library might be overlooked at times so it was appropriate that Brendan should be a member of the museum committee to protect the library’s interests. In my five years as honorary museum administrator, there was little conflict of interest but, whenever there was, Brendan fought his corner in his own inimitable way – seemingly craggy and crusty on the exterior but always motivated by goodwill

His interest did not stop with the library. He was fully committed to the welfare of the museum and took his part in debating and planning its forward progress.

He liked to play the waiting game, letting the debate swirl over his head and then coming in near the finish to support or demolish a particular argument.

His comments were to the point and positive and were often delivered with caustic wit which would sharpen our perspectives of the matter. We will miss him round the table for his knowledge and his company. Siocháin Dé ar a anam dílis