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The Art of Diving – Book Review

 The art of Diving  Diving Book

Nick Hanna with photos By Alexander Mustard

This is another of these books that make a novice say I want to get into that. A seasoned diver just says wow. The introduction sets out an objective which is achieved at once “If you are not yet a diver we hope this book will inspire you to learn to diveâ€. The fulfilment of this statement is guaranteed if anyone reads the art of diving. The photos by Alexander Mustard are stunning but the text covers everything from underwater biology through dive organisations to super deep freediving. There is a bit of emphasis on tropical locations but that is where the best photos are to be taken. The book is speckled with quotations from diving gurus but they do not seem to be twee in the context and are thought provoking. Many of these are from Cousteau. Well worth having on your bookshelf – consider it as display material for novice open night.

Review by Ed Bourke