MV Kerlogue Exhibition

Visit this exhibition to learn the remarkable story of wartime survival and heroism of the MV Kerlogue, an Irish coastal vessel built just before the outbreak of the Second World War, which survived mistaken identity attack by the RAF, and which rescued 168 German sailors from certain death when their ship was sunk by the British Navy.

The Story Begins

This article, 'MV Kerlogue, neutral Irish Ship' by Marie-Claire McGann, describes the history of the vessel and outlines the historical context.

The Story Comes to Life

This page shows a timeline for the vessel, and has many sound and video clips for you to enjoy.

Interactive Display

This touchscreen display, which you can operate in the exhibition, gives much more of the story. (Content: Richard McCormick)

Things to see ... two of many

Letters writen by the German Minister in Dublin to the Captain of MV Kerlogue and to the hospital in Cork caring for the rescued German sailors.

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