If you visiting Ireland and interested in maritime history, here are a few places you may like to consider visiting… The list is far from complete and we are always happy to receive new suggestions!

Famine ships played an important part in Irish history. Whether you are a descendant of one of the emigrants who left Ireland on one of these ships or just interested in what life was like for those who undertook this kind of voyage, a short tour of such a ship is a fascinating experience.
The Jeanie Johnston lies anchored along the quays in Dublin, not far from the city centre, while the Dunbrody Famine ship can be visited in Co. Wexford.

A must for lighthouse enthusiasts is the Hook Head Lighthouse in Co. Wexford, it is the oldest operational lighthouse in the world. But there are so many more! Check out the Irish Light House Tourist Trail and see if there is one near you.

If you are thinking of visiting our museum and wondering what else there is to do in the vicinity of Dun Laoghaire, we can whole heartily recommend these:

For all those who cannot wait to actually get out onto the sea after visiting our museum, a trip on the yacht of Go Sailing may be just the thing to do! It will blow out the cobwebs and you get to see a lot of the places mentioned in the museum.

If you are still eager to learn more, the Shackleton Endurance Exhibition is only a stone’s throw from the museum near the ferry port.
Those who are more interested in the literary history of this area, may prefer to visit Joyce’s Tower which is a short walk along the seafront from the Maritime Museum.

If you still feel like some more culture at the end of the day, you should check out the programme of our local theatre, the Pavilion, they offer a great variety of shows.

Not happy yet? The Dun Laoghaire Tourist Information Centre provides lots of up to date information.