List V-X
VALE, Edmund The way of ships 1983 387.2 VAL
VALE, Edmund Ships of the narrow seas n.d. 387.53 VAL
VAN DE VAT, Dan The ship that changed the world: the escape of the Goeben to the Dardanelles in 1914 1985 940.45 VAN
VAN DER VAT, Dan The Atlantic campaign The great struggle at sea 1939-1945 1988 940.545 VAN
VAN LOON, Hendrik Willem ships and how they sailed the seven seas: (5000 BC – AD 1935) 1935 387.2 VAN
VAN METRE, T.w. American transportation policy 1944
VANDERDECKEN Yachts and yachting… being a treatise on building, sparring, canvassing, sailing and the general management of yachts, with remarks onstorms, tides.etc. 1893 623.812 VAN
VAUX, Patrick Sea patrols 1916 800 VAU
VAUX, Patrick Sea-salt and cordite n.d. 800 VAU
VEEDAM, VoldemarWALL, Carl B. Sailing to Freedom 1955 920.45 VEE
VERNE, Jules Twenty thousand leagues under the sea n.d. 800
VERNEY, Michael Boat repairs and conversions 972 623.812 VER
VERNEY, Michael Building chine boats 1965 623.8122 VER
VERNEY, Michael Complete amateur boat building: in wood, glass fibre an metal 2nd 1967 (repr. 1973) 623.818 VER
VICKERY, Captain C,A, Navigation Figure drawing Being an introduction to navagation by means of figure drawing. 1922 623.89 VIC
VILIERS, Alan The Cutty Sark the last of a glorious era s.d. 387.224 VIL
VILLIERS, A.J. Falmouth for orders: the story of the last clipper ship race around Cape Horn 1930 910.45 VIL
VILLIERS, A.J. Sea-dogs of today 1932 387.221 VIL
VILLIERS, Alan Give me a ship to sail 1958 910.45 VIL
VILLIERS, Alan The navigators and the merchant navy 1957 359.3 VIL
VILLIERS, Alan Posted missing: the story of ships lost without trace in recent years. 1956 910.4531 VIL
VILLIERS, Alan Cruise of the Conrad: the story of an adventurous voyage round the world abridged editon 1956 910.45 VIL
VINTON, Iris The story of John Paul Jones 1960 920 JON
VON DER PORTEN, Edward P. The German navy in world war two. 1972 940.545 VON
VON LUCKNER, Felix Seeteufel: ubentener aus meinem Leben 1921 920 VON
VON MULLENHEIM-RECHBERG, Burkard Battleship Bismarck: a survivor’s story 1980 940.545 BIS
WALDRON, T.J.GLEESON, James The frogmen: the story of the war-time underwater operators 1954 940.545 WAL
WALDRON, T.J.GLEESON, James The Frogman The story of the wartime underwater operators 1950 940.545 WAL
WALKER, Fred M. Song of the Clyde 1984 623.83 WAL
WALKER, J.R. An explanation of the method of obtaining the position at sea: known as the “New Navigation” 1901 623.89 WAL
WALL, Bill The powder monkey: 1 1798 story 1996 800 WAL
WALL, Robert Ocean Liners 1978 623.82432
WALL, Thomas F. Some notes towards a history of telecommunications with particular reference to Ireland Oct. 1997 edition 1992ed. 1997 384 WAL
WALLACE, Frederick William Blue water A tale of the deep sea fishermen n.d. 800 WAL
WALLBRIDGE, John, Captain Channel Islands merchant shipping 1940- 1945 n.d. 940.53 WAL
WALMSLEY, Leo Fishermen at war 1941 940.53 WAL
WALMSLEY, Leo British ports and harbours 1942 387.109 BRI
WALTER, Richard Lord Anson’s voyage round the world 1740 – 1744 1947 910.45 WAL
WALTON, Thomas Know your own ship: a shimple explanation of the stability… of ships 5th 1899 623.817 WAL
WALTON, Thomas Know your own ship: a simple explanation of stability, trim, tonnage… 6th, rev. 1901 623.817 WAL
WALTON, Thomas Know your own ship: a simple explanation of the stability, trim, construction, tonnage… 12th 1909 623.817 WAL
WALTON, Thomas Know your own ship: a simple exlanation of the stability, trim, construciton, tonnage.. 26th 1939 623.817 WAL
WALTON, Thomas Know your own ship: A simple explanation of the stability, construction, tonnage and freeboard of ships; specially arranged for the use ofships’ officers, superintendents, draughtsmen, and others. 3rd 1897 623.817 WAL
WARNER, Oliver The navy 1968 359.9 WAR
WARNER, Oliver Trafalgar 1966 940.27 WAR
WARNER, Oliver A portrait of Lord Nelson 1963 920 NEL
WARNER, Oliver Great sea battles 1963 940.2 WAR
WARREN, C.E.T.BENSON, James The admiralty regrets… 1958 940.545 WAR
WARRING, R.H. Ham radio: a beginner’s guide 1974 384.5 WAR
WARSHOFSKY, Fred War under the waves 1962 910.45 WAR
Waterford Harbour Commissioners Port of Waterford handbook 1978 1878 387.109 WAT
WATKINS, E.T. The shipbrokers’ telegraphic code, 1881, and appendix, 1884 1884 384.1 WAT
WATNEY, John Boat electrics 2nd 1984 (repr. 1985) 623.8503 WAT
WATNEY, John The Irish Americans Emigration to the New World. 1995 940.28 WAT
WATSON, ArnoldWATSON, Betty Roster of valor: the Titanic Halifax legacy 1984 910.4531 TIT
WATSON, Bruce W. The changing face of the world’s navies: 1945 to the present 1991 359 WAT
WATSON, Edward Spencer Journal: India: With H.M.S. “SHANNON” Naval Brigade from August 18th, 1858 940.285 WAT
WATSON, Milton H. Disasters at sea: every ocean going passenger ship castrophe since 1900 1987 910.4531 WAT
WATSON, Thomas H. Naval architecture: a manual on laying-off 3rd 1912 623.81 WAT
WATTS, Alan Basic Windcraft using the wind for sailing 1976 797.124 WAT
WATTS, Alan Instant weather forecasting 1971 551.63 WAT
WATTS, Anthony J. A source book of submarines and submersibles 1976 359.933 WAT
WATTS, Anthony J. Pictorial history of the royal navy vol. II, 1880 – 1914 1971 940.28 WAT
WATTS, Anthony J. A source book of naval aircraft and aircraft carriers 1980 623.8255 WAT
WATTS, Christoher T.WATTS, Michael J. My ancester was a merchant seaman: how can I find him? 1991 929 WAT
WAY, BarnardGREEN, Noel D. Ships s.d. 623.85 Way
WEBB, Robert Lloyd West whaling, a brief history of whale hunting in teh Pacific northwest 1984 639.28 WEB
WELCH, J.J. A text book of naval architecture for the use of officers of the Royal Navy rev. edition 1901 623.81 WEL
WELLS, H.G. The first men in the moon c.1968
WEMYSS, D.E.G. Relentless pursuit 1974 940.545 WEM
WENTWORTH, Chetwynd An explanation of the adjustment of ships’ compasses 1914 623.89 WEN
WESTERMAN The sea scouts of the “Petrel” 1924 800 WES
WESTERMAN, Percy F. Secret Convoy n.d. 800
WESTERMAN, Percy f. With Beatty off Jutland A romance of the great sea fight n.d. 800 WES
WESTON, F. & M. Camera pictures of Malta n.d. 914 MAL
WHALL, W.B. The romance of navigation n.d. (1924?) 910.45 WHA
WHARTON, A.J. Diesel engines questions and answers 1975 623.8723 WHA
WHITE FISH AUTHORITY, HERRING INDUSTRY BOARD Rules for the Construction of Wooden Fishing Vessels 1975 639.2 WHI
WHITE, E.W. Handbook of the collections illustrating British fishing-boats and coastal craft 1952 387.2074 GRE
WHITE, G.W. Exercises in coastal navigation 1965 (Repr. 1970) 623.89 WHI
WHITE, W.H. A manual of naval architecture 1877 623.81 WHI
WHYMPER, F. The sea: Its stirring story of adventure, peril & heroism n.d. 910.45 WHY
WIGNALL, Sydney In search of spanish treasure Adiver’s story 1982 940.232 ARM
WILDRIDGE, Oswald Captains & Co. 1917 800 WIL
WILKINSON, Burke The zeal of the convert 1978 920 CHI
WILLIAMS, Archibald A book of the sea n.d. 387.2 WIL
WILLIAMS, Archibald The romance of modern invention: containing interesting descriptions in non-technical language of wireless telegraphy… 1907 608 WIL
WILLIAMS, C.W. Observations on the Inland Navigation of Ireland and the want of employment for its population, with a description ofThe River Shannon. Suggested by the report of the select committee of the House of Commons in 1831, on the state of Ireland, and theremedial measures proposed by them. Second 1833
WILLIAMS, Glyndwr The expansion of Europe in the 18th century, overseas rivalry, discovery, and exploitation 1968 940.253 WIL
WILLIAMS, J.HIGGINSON, J.J.ROHRBOUGH, J.D. Sea and air, the marine environment 2nd 1968 551.46 WIL
WILLIAMS, Mark Captain Gilbert Roberts R.N.and the anti- U-boat school 1979 920 ROB
WILLIAMS, Mark Sunken Treasure 1980 910.4531 WIL
WILLIS, William The epic voyage of the Seven Little Sisters: a 6700-mile voyage alone across the Pacific 1956 910.45 WIL
WILLMOTT, NedPIMLOTT, John Strategy and Tactics of War. Land, sea, air s.d. 359 WIL
WILMOT, Chester The struggle for Europe 1959 940.54 WIL
WILMOTT, Ned Strategy and tactics of sea warfare 1979 359.43 WIL
WILSON, D.M. Navigator’s sightbook: a practical workbook for the navigator of any vessel s.d. 623.89 WIL
WILSON, E.A. Soviet passenger ships 1917 – 1977 1978 387.2 WIL
WILSON, H.W. Ironclads in action: a sketch of naval history, from 1855 to 1895 with some account of the development of the battleship in England. 4th 1896 940.28 WIL
WILSON, Ian Shipwrecks of the Ulster coast: from Carlingford Lough to Inishowen Head 1979 910.4531 WIL
WILSON, Ian Neills of Bangor 1982 387.2 WIL
WILSON, T.G. The Irish lighthouse service 1968 623.8942 WIL
WILSON, Timothy Flags at the sea: a guide to the flags flown at sea by British and some foreign ships 1986 384.9 WIL
WILSON-BARKER, D. A manual of elementary seamanship 3rd, rev. and considerably enlarged 1902 62388 WIL
WINN, Godfrey PQ 17 1954 940.545 WIN
WINN, Godfrey P.Q. 17 1963 940.545 WIN
WINN, Godfrey PQ17 1947 940.545 WIN
WINN, Godfrey Home from the Sea 1945 940.545 WIN
WITT, Glen L Inboard motor installations in small boats . 1972 623.812 WIT
WITT, Glen L. Boatbuilding with plywood 1971 623.8184 WIT
WOOD, EmilyHOAGLAND-GREY, HilllarySMITH, Janet The West Coast of Ireland. An environmental appraisal. s.d 333.917 WOO
WOOD, Walter Survivors’ tales of famous shipwrecks 1932 910.4531 WOO
WOODCOCK, Percy Sailing for the novice n.d. 797.124 WOO
WOODMAN, Richard View from the sea 1985 623.8942 WOO
WOODROFFE, Joseph F. The upper reaches of the Amazon 1st 1914 910.45 WOO
WOODWARD, C. Vann The battle for Lyte Gulf 1958 940.545 WOO
WOODWARD, David The Tirpitz 1974 940.WOO
WOODWARD, David The Tirpitz: the story, including the destruction of the ‘Scharnhorst’ of the campaigns against the German battleship. 1953 940.545 WOO
WOODWARD, Sir Llewelyn British foreign policy in the second world war Vo. 1 1970 940.53 WOO
WORSLEY, F.A. Shackleton’s boat journey 1959 919.04 WOR
WRIGHT, C.H. The collision regulations, 1977: the navigator’s guide to the rule of the road 1977 343.096 WRI
WRIGHT, C.H. The efficient deckhand 3rd 1975 625.88 WRI
WRIGHT, Charles.
FAYLE, C. Ernest.
A history of Lloyd’s From the founding of Lloyd’s Coffee House to the present day. l928 368.2 WRI
WYCHERLEY, George Buccaneers of the Pacific 1935 910.4532 WYC
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