RMS Leinster, over 500 died

Leinster Postcard

An exhibit illustrating this event will, on occasion, be displayed in the Museum The date is 10th October 1918. The place is Kingstown (now DunLaoghaire), Britain (of which Ireland is an integral part) is at war with Germany. A war that came to a close within a number of weeks. At the Carlisle pier one […]

Close Encounter with U-Boat

U 35

Ireland’s Close Encounter with German U-Boat   By Denis Martin FTU At 4pm on the afternoon of Wednesday the 4th October 1939 the realities of World War 2 reached the shores of the Dingle Peninsula. The residents of Ballymore, a fishing village 3 miles west of Dingle, noticed a strange craft heading for the rock […]