G2, the Coastwatching Service and the Battle of the Atlantic: 1939-41

G2, the Coastwatching Service and the Battle of the Atlantic: 1939-41 Michael Kennedy (difp at iol.ie) [This paper is an early version of the introduction to the Guarding Neutral Ireland: the coastwatching service and military intelligence 1939-45 (Four Courts Press, 2008)] A PDF version of this article is available: click here On the evening of […]

Arklow Shipping

Arklow Shipping -A Group Fleet History Pat Sweeney Author: W.J. Harvey,     ISBN: 1 902 953 150,    Publisher: Bernard McCall, 2004 This book published last year is the fourth on shipping companies written by W.J. Harvey over the past 17 years. Two of his previous works also deal with companies in Ireland. The HEAD LINE (1990) […]

Shipping in Dublin Port

Shipping in Dublin Port 1939-1945 by Walter Kennedy 160 Pages HardBack £15 Sterling. The Petland Press, Bishop Auckland, Durham, England. This is an interesting book about a time in our history when this island was all but strangled by lack of shipping. It is the era of the ‘rust bucket’ vessels of Irish Shipping Ltd, […]

John P. Holland

John P. Holland 1841 – 1914 Inventor of the Modern Submarine by Dr Richard Knowles Morris Paper 241 Pages $16.95 US University of South Carolina Press. $16.95 in U.S.A. This book is the classic biography of the Clare Man whose technological innovations led to the launch of the first modem submarine in 1897 which made […]

Lifeboats in Dublin Bay

Lifeboats in Dublin Bay by John de Courcy Ireland. RNLI Dun Laoghaire, ISBN 0 9533540 0 8. This fine book is dedicated to the 23 lifeboat-men who lost their lives as a result of service since the first lifeboat was established in Dublin Bay in 1803. It is written by the Honorary Research Officer of […]

Ballycotton Lifeboats

Ballycotton Lifeboats byNicholas Leech and Brendan O’Driscoll Ballycotton Lifeboats The history of Ballycotton Lifeboat Station Co. Cork was launched by RTE presenter and personality Derek Davis in the town in early July. The joint authors are Nicholas Leech Deputy Editor of the well known British shipping magazine Ships Monthly and Brendan O’Driscoll of Youghal, who […]

Irish Air Corps

Irish Air Corps by Joe Maxwell & Patrick J Cummins Published by Max Decals Publications, 2009, ISBN 978 09562624 0 0 This large format publication does full justice to the extensive illustrations and photographs. It is a comprehensive guide to the aircraft in the Air Corps fleet with detailed service histories. The book will appeal to […]

Remembering the war dead

Remembering the war dead by Fergus D’Arcy Published by OPW Dublin 2007 ISBN 07557 7589 9 This large format volume sets out to tell the story of the war graves under the care of the OPW in Ireland. The majority mentioned are Commonwealth graves from both world wars. It is of particular maritime interest because many […]

Troubled Waters

  Troubled waters Published by Nonesuch, Dublin, 2008. €16.99 This account of some well known shipwrecks on the Irish sea from The Princess Victoria in the North to the Seahorse at Tramore. There has been need for some time of a good account of the wreck stories of the east coast. Many such volumes have been […]

Secret Victory

Secret Victory – Ireland and the war at sea 1914-1918 by Liam Nolan & John E Nolan Mercier Press, 2009, ISBN 978 1 85635 621 3 This book focuses on the two admirals Bayley and Sims who commanded the naval base at Queenstown during the first world war. Little has been written about the first world […]