List S-U
SAINT LAWRENCE SEAWAY AUTHORITYSaint Lawrence Seaway AuthorityAnnual report 19671968386.5 SAI
SAKAI, SaburoCAIDIN, MartinSAITO, FredSamuri1966940.54 SAK
SANDBACH, BetsyEDGE, GeraldinePrison life on a Pacific Raider1941940.53 SAN
SANDBERG, BorjeVIHERJUURI, H.J.Helsinki:Helsingfors1935387.1009 HEL
SANDERSON, Ivan T.Follow the whale1958639.28 SAN
SARGENT, A.J.Seaways of the Empire.Notes on the geography of transport2nd, rev. and entirely reset1930387.5 SAR
SARS, George OssianNorwegian deep sea life1872551.46 SAR
SAUL, J.W.Newton’s guide:the self educator in navigation for masters and mates18th1924(?) Preface dated 1924623.89 SAU
SAVILLE, MalcolmThe adventure of the life-boat service1950623.8887 SAV
SCARTH, Alan J.The ship models collection of the Merseyside Maritime MuseumA concise catalogue1995387.2074 SCA
SCHAEFFER, HeinzU-Boat 9774th1952940.545 SCH
SCHAUFFELEN, OtmarGreat sailing shipsAn illustrated encyclopaedia of 150 existing barks, barkentines, brigs, brigantines, frigates, schooners and otherlarge sailing vessels built since 16281969623.8224 SCH
SCHIELDROP, Edgar B.The high seas1939623.823 SCH
SCHOFIELD, B.B.Navigation and direction:the story of HMS Dryad1977623.88 SCH
SCHOFIELD, B.B.The Russian Convoys1964940.545 SCH
SCOTT, Robert F.Scott’s last expeditionThe personal journals of Captain R.F. Scott on his journey to the South Pole.1923919.04 SCO
SCOTT, Robert F.The voyage of the “Discovery”2 Vols1905919.04 SCO
SCOTT, Robert F.Scott’s last expedition2nd1913919.04 SCO
SCOTT, BrianSealink and its predecessors in Dublin1989387.54 SCO
SCOTT, DavidSeventy fathoms deep:with the divers of the salvage ship Artiglio1931910.4531 EGY
SCOTT, DavidThe Egypt’s gold1932910.4531 EGY
SCOTT, G. FirthThe romance of polar explorationInteresting descriptions of artic and antartic adventure from the earliest time to the voyage of the”Discovery”1907919.04 SCO
SCOTT, IanMy war at sea1940940.545 SCO
SCOTT, J.M.Gino Watkins1937920 WAT
SCOTT, Richard J.The Galway hookersWorking sailboats of Galway Bay1983387.226 SCO
SCOTT-MONCRIEFF, DavidEscape from peace1949910.45 SCO
SEA-LIIONAKA: BENNETT, Geoffrey M.Phantom fleet1950800 SEA
SEA-LIONAKA: BENNETT, Geoffrey M.Sink me the shipa story of the Navy1946800 SEA
SEA-LIONAKA: BENNETT, Geoffrey M.Sea of troubles1947800 SEA
SEA-LIONAKA: BENNETT, Geoffrey M.Cargo for crooks1948800 SEA
SEARLS, HankOverboard1st1977800
SEATON, A.E.A manual of marine engineering:comprising the design, construciton, and working of marine machinery17th , thoroughly rev.1913623.87 SEA
SEATON, A.E.A manual of marine engineering:comprising the designing, construction, and working of marine machiners14th, rev. thorougly & enlarged1899623.87 SEA
SEGRELLES, VincentLonga1980387.2 seg
SELIGMAN, AdrianThe voyage of the Cap Pilar1954910.45 SEL
SELIGMAN, AdrianThe voyage of the Cap Pilar1941910.45 SEL
SELLORS, G.N.WALKER, W.F.Guide to industrial hydraulics1972621.2 WAL
SELMAN, G.S.Carfree cruising1958797.124 SEL
SERVICE, DouglasIRVING, JohnThe yachtsman’s week-end bookn.d.797.124 SER
SEVERIN, TimThe Brendan voyage1979910.45 SEV
SEYBOLD, W.N.The Ramsey lifeboats 1829 – 19911991387.2 SEY
SHACKLETON, EdwardArtic jouneys:the story of the Oxford University Ellesmere land expedition 1934 -351939919.04 SHA
SHACKLETON, EdwardThe heart of the Antarctic:being the story of the British Antarctic expedition 1907 – 19091910919.04 SHA
SHACKLETON, EdwardArtic journeys:the story of the Oxford University Ellesmere Land Expedition 1934 – 351936919.04 SHA
SHACKLETON, Edward H.The heart of the Antarctic:being the story of the British Antarctic expedition 1907 -09; vols I & II1st (?)1909919.04 SHA
SHALIMAR (F.C. Hendry)Down to the sea1937800 SHA
SHANKLAND, PeterHUNTER, AnthonyDardanelles patrol1965940.455 SHA
SHANKLAND, PeterHUNTER, anthonyMalta convoy1963940.545 SHA
SHANKLAND, PeterHUNTER, AnthonyMalta convoy1961940.545 SHA
SHARP, AndrewAncient voyagers in the Pacific1957910.92 SHA
SHAW, Frank H.Life owes me nothing.n.d.920 SHA
SHEA, MichealMaritime England1981940 SHE
SHEPARD, Arthur MacCartneySea power in ancient history:the story of the navies of classic Greece and Rome1925930 SHE
SHEWAN, AndrewThe great days of sailSome reminiscences of a tea-clipper captain1927910.45 SHE
SHIELDS, YvonneDEANE, BrianMCDOWELL, NiallA case study, the economic significance of Ford Cork Week 1996, International Sailing Regatta199(?)797.14 SHI
SHIPBUILDING TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONALShipbuilding technology international 19871987623.81 SHI
SHIPPING FEDERATIONThe shipmasters’ manual of information concerning the Shipping Federation… including the decisions of the NationalMaritime Board1928
SHOLTO, CookeThe maiden city and the western ocean — a history of the shipping trade between Londonderry and North american in the19th century196?902.81 COO
SIEBE, HenryThe conquest of the sea:a book about divers and diving1873 (pref. dated)797.23 SIE
SIERS, JamesNew Zealand:dramatic landscape1979910 SIE
SILVERSTONE, Paul H.U.S. warships since 19451986359.325 SIL
SIMPKIN, Richard.The cruising yachtsman’s navigator1978623.89 SIM
SIMPSON, Colin.Lusitania1972910.4531 LUS
SIMPSON, Colin.Lusitania1974repr 1974 & 1983910.4531 LUS
SIMPSON, George.The naval constructor:a vade mecum of ship design for students1904623.812 SIM
SIMS, Ernest H.Boat building in aluminium alloy1978623.8182 SIM
SKENE, Norman L..Skene’s elements of yacht design8th ed. of Norman L. Skene’s classic book on yacht design.8th1973623.8122 SKE
SKINNER, Brian J.TUREKIAN, Karl K.Man and the Ocean.1973333.916 SKI
SKIRVING, R. Scott.Wire Splicing1943 (repr.)623.68882 SKI
SLADE, K.A..Steel boat construction:questions and answers1979623.81 SLA
SLEIGHTHOLME, JD..Fitting out:small craft repair and maintenance1963623.82003 SLE
SLIGO HARBOUR COMMISSIONERSStatements of accounts of the Sligo Harbour Commissioners, 1938-1944387.109417 SLI
SLOCUM, Joshua.Sailing alone around the world1950910.45 SLO
SLOCUM, Josua“Sailing alone around the world” and “Voyage of the Liberdade”1949910.45 SLO
SLOCUM, Victor.The life and voyages of Captain Joshua Slocum1952910.45 SLO
SMART, W.M.A handbook of sea navigation:The theory and practice of astronomical navigation at sea1943623.89 SMA
SMART, W.M.The origin of the earthrev. edition1959550
SMELLIE, JohnShipbuilding and repairing in Dublin:a record of work carried out by the Dublin Dockyard Co. 1901 – 1923623.83 SME
SMITH, B.Merchant ship design since 19451984623.8124 SMI
SMITH, B. WebsterThe war at sea, 1941 – 1943n.d.940.545 SMI
SMITH, B. WebsterThe naval war 1943.1945940.545 SMI
SMITH, C. FoxOcean racersn.d.387.224 SMI
SMITH, C. FoxThe return of the Cutty Sark1925387.224 SMI
SMITH, Fox SmithThe return of the Cutty Sark1924387.224 SMI
SMITH, Hervey GarrettHow to choose a sailboat1969797.124 SMI
SMITH, JohnA sea grammar1970940 SMI
SMITH, Oliver M.HMS Belfast1973359.325 SMI
SMITH, Oliver, M.H.M.S. Belfast1973
SMITH, Peter C.Destroyer leader1974940.545 SMI
SMITH, StanSea of memories1985920 SMI
SMITH, StanThe battle of Savo:the hour by hour drama of a tragic defeat our navy wouldn’t admit1962940.545 SMI
SMITH, WilloughbyThe rise and extension of submarine telegraphy1891384.4 SMI
SMOLAREK, Przemyslaw.Translated by: Betty Przybylska“History of Pollish Shipping”Exhibition1974387.245 SMO
SMYTH, Admiral W.H.The sailor’s word-book:an alphabetical digest of nautical terms1867623.88 SMYREFERENCE
SMYTH, Hazel P.The B & I Line:a history of the British and Irish steam packet company1964387.54 SMY
SNOW, Edward RoweWomen of the sea1963910.45 SNO
SOMMERFELDT, Hakon A.The elementary and practical principles of the econstruction of ships for ocean and river service1861623.81 SOM
SOMNER, GrahamBen Line:fleet list and short history1967387.2 SOM
SONNENBERG, G.J.Radar and electronic navigation2nd1955623.893 SON
SOTHERN, J.W.The marine steam turbine:a practical description of the Parsons marine turbine.2nd1906623.8722 SOT
SOTHERN, J.W.M.Verbal notes and sketches for marine engineer officers:a manual of marine engineering practice11th1927623.87 SOT
SOUTHEY, RobertThe life of Nelson1897920 NEL
SOUTHEY, RobertThe life of Nelson1867920 NEL
SPAIGHT, J.M.The sky’s the limit:a study of British air power1940940.54 SPA
SPEARS, John R.Master marinersn.d.910.92 SPE
SPEED, KeithSea change1982940.55 SPE
SPINKLER, Karl, CaptainThe mystery of the Casement ship1965940.3 SPI
SPONG, H.C.Irish shipping limited 1941 – 19821982387.54 SPO
SPONT, AlfredLetters and papers relating to the war with france 1512-15131907940 NAV
SPRATT, H. PhilipThe birth of the steamboat1958623.824 SPR
SPRY, W.J.J.The cruise of Her Majesty’s Ship “Challenger”1878910.45 SPR
STABLES, GordonThe cruise of the snowbirdn.d.800 STA
STAFFORD, Edward P.The far and the deep:authoritative history of the development of the submarine throughout the world1966359.93 STA
STAMMERS, M.K.West coast shipping:history in camera1989387.2 STA
STAMMERS, M.K.Ships’ Figureheads1983
STAPLETON, N.B.J.Steam picket boats and other small steam craft of the Royal Navy1980387.25 STA
STECHERT, KurtThrice against England1945940.27 STE
STEFANI, GiuseppeInsurance in Venice from the origins to the end of the serenissimaDocuments published for the 125th Anniversary of the Company (1831-1956)1958
STEFANI, GuiseppeInsurance in Venice rom the origins to the end of the scerenissima:documents published for the 125th anniversary of the company (1831-1956) Vol II1958368.2
STENUIT, RobertTreasures of the Armada1974940.232 ARM
STERN, Robert C.U.S. battleships in action; Part 11980387.252 STE
STERNLICHT, SanfordMcKinley’s Bulldog:the battleship Oregon1977359.325 STE
STEVENS, Edward, F.Shipping Practicewith a considerationof the law relating thereto.1939343.096 STE
STEVENS, Robert WhiteOn the stowage of ships and their cargoes:with information regarding freights, charter-parties, etc.1878387.51 STE
STEVENSON, Robert LouisTreasure Islandrepr. 1954800 STE
STEWART, ColinYacht Club burgees1957797.124 STE
STEWART, W.K.Brown’s signalling:how to learn the International Code of Visual and Sound Signals1941384 STE
STEWART, W.K.Brown’s signalling:how to learn the international code of visual and sound signals1933384 STE
STITT, GeorgeUnder Cunningham’s command1940 – 19431945940.545 STI
STOKER, R.B.60 years on the Western Ocean1958387.54 STO
STONE, Ellen C.Guide to the ships plans collection at Mystic Seaport Museum1995623.812 STO
STOPFORD, P.J.Cordage and cables:their uses at sea2nd1946623.862 STO
STRABOLGI, LordThe battle of the river Platen.d.940.545 STR
STUBBS, John WilliamBRUNNOW, FrancisBrinkley’s astronomy:3rd1886623.89 STU
STYRING, John S.Excursion ships and ferries1958387.2 STY
SUBMARINE SIGNAL CORPORATIONSubmarine signalling:May-231923384.4 SUB
SUTER, E.A.The mariner’s compass1923623.89 SUT
SUTHREN, VictorThe Black Cockade.800 SUT
SUTTON, John F.Small sailing craft:design and construction1946623.8122 SUT
SVERDRUP, H.U.Oceanography for meteorologists1945551.46 SVE
SYMMONS, Clive R.Ireland and the law of the sea1993341.448 SYM
TAAFFE, Robert N.An atlas of soviet affairs1965914 SOV
TAFFRAILFred Travis,A.B.1940800 TAF
TAFFRAILSea,spray and spindrift1917800 TAF
TaffrailToby Shad1949800 TAF
TAFFRAILStand by!Naval sketches and stories1916800 TAF
TAFFRAILA little shiprepr 1918800 TAF
TAFFRAILMid-atlanticrepr 1938800 TAF
TAFFRAILOff-shore1917800 TAF
TAFFRAIL (Capt. Taprell Dorling)Western mediterranean, 1942 – 19451947940.545 TAF
TAFFRAIL (Captain Taprell Dorling, D.S.O., F.R.HIST.S., Royal Navy)Sweep channels:being an account of the work of the minsweepers in the Great War1935940.45 TAF
TAIT, JamesTait’s mew seamanship and nautical knowledge:steam and sail12th ed., rev. and brout up to date by H.T. jeffreys1933623.88 TAI
TAIT, JamesTait’s seamanship1900623.88 TAI
TAKAKJIAN, PortiaThe 32-gun frigate Essex(Anatomy of the ship series)1990623.8225 TAK
TAMES, RichardIsambard Kingdom Brunel, 1806 – 1859:an illustrated life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel1972920 BRU
TANNER, MatthewThe ship and boat collection of the Merseyside Maritime MuseumAn illustrated catalogue1995387.2074 TAN
TAVIANI, Paulo EmilioChristopher Columbus:the grand design1985910.92 TAV
Taylor, J.E.Of Ships and Seamen.1949387.2 TAY
TAYLOR, John P.The prefabricated port of Arromanches(“Mulberry B”)1945940.545 TAY
TAYLOR, John W.R.ABC Fleet air arm2nd1959359.9435 TAY
TEALE, JohnDesigning small craft1976623.812 TEA
TEMPERLEY, RobertCarriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1924:including the rules relating to Bills of Lading (The Hague Rules)4th1932343.096 TEM
TEMPERLEY, RobertThe Merchant Shipping Acts4th rev. by William Lennox McNair1932343.096 TEM
TERRELL, EdwardAdmiralty BriefThe story of inventions that contributed to victory in the battle of the atlantic1958940.545 TER
THAYER, John B.The sinking of the S.S.Titanic:April 14-15, 19121974910.4531 TIT
The A.Y.R.S. MembersSelf steeringSecond1970623.862 SEL
The AYRS MembersCruising catamarans: history – design principals, examples.1972623.812 AMA
The Board of Engineers for Rivers and HarboursThe ports of Baton Rouge and Lake Charles, LA.Part 21970387.109 BAT
THE EARL OF CORK AND ORRERYMy naval life 1886 – 1941:by the Admiral of the fleet, The Earl of Cork and Orrery920 COR
The Inland Fisheries Trust IncorporatedIrish sport fishes, a guide to their identificationn.d.639.2 INL
The Institute of Enginers and Shipbuilders in ScotlandInstitute of Engineers and shipbuilders in Scotland.Transactions, vol 351932623.8 INS
The Institute of Marine Engineers, Ocean Engineering SectionSymposium , 3rd June 1970, in Glasgow1970627.7 INS
THE MARITIME INSITUTE OF IRELANDThe Maritime Institute of Ireland 1941 – 19811982(?)387.2025 MAR
The Maritime Institute of IrelandShips of Ireland198?387.23 SHI
The Mary Rose TrustThe Mary Rosea guide1989387.2074 MAR
The Parson and The LawyerA yachting cruise to Norway1895910.45 PAR
THE SUNDAY TIMESThe Sunday Times Diary of the WarVol I: The first 6 months, Sept 1939 – Feb. 1940 (missing)Vol II: The second 6 months: Mar 3 to Aug 31, 1940Vol III:The third 6 months: Sept. 1, 1940 to Mar 1, 1941Vol IV: The fourth 6 months: Mar. 2 to Aug 29, 1941Vol. V: The fifth 6months: Sept. 19940.54 SUN
The War effort of Halifax Shipyards Ltd.The Halship sagan.d.623.83 HAL
THOMAS, David A.With ensigns flying1960940.545 THO
THOMAS, GordonWITTS, Max MorganShipwreck:the strange fate of the Morro Castle1988910.4531 MOR
THOMAS, LowellThe sea devil’s fo’c’sle1930920 VON
THOMAS, LowellThe sea devil – the story of Count Felix von Luckner1929920 VON
THOMAS, LowellSeeteufel no Deamon na Mara –Graf Felix von Luckner1936920 VON
THOMAS, Sir MilesOut on a wingAutobiography1964920 THO
THOMPSON, G.H. MainOutline of the law relating to bills of lading1925343.096 THO
THOMPSON, P.Navigation simplified by a system of teaching based on first principles:for officers in the mercantile marine and yachtsmen2nd1906623.89 THO
THOMSON, DavidLunar and horary Tables:for new and concise methods of performing the calculations necessary for ascertaining by lunar observations orchronometers; with the longitude directions for acquiring a knowledge of the principal fixed stars and finding the latitudeby them37th1849
THORNTON, Francis BeauchesneSea of glory1958920 THO
THORNTON, JohnAdvanced Physiography1892525.6 THO
THORNTON, R.H.British shipping1945387.54 tho
THROCKMORTON, PeterShipwrecks and archaeology,the unharvested sea1969910.4531 THR
THURSFIELD, H.G.Action stations!the Royal navy at war1942940.545 THU
TIERNEY, JaneyGrimsby Docks:in old photographs1994387.109 GRI
TINKER, HughA message from the Falklands1983920 TIN
TODMCGIBBON, W.C.B.T. questions and answers for marine enginersn.d.623.87 TOD
TOMILSON, MichaelThe most dangerous moment1979940.54 TOM
TOMLINSON,All hands1937800
TOWSON, John Thomas. HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE, ADMIRALTYTables to facilitate the practice of great circle sailing,and the determination of aximuths6ths.d., repr. 1904623.89202 TOW
TRANTER, G.J.Powing the Artic1944359.47 TRA
TREDREE, H.L.The strange ordeal of the S.S. Normandier1960940.3 TRE
TREVELYAN, George MacaulayHistory of England1948940 TRE
TREVES, Sir FrederickThe cradle of the deep:an account of a voyage to the West Indies1908910.45 TRE
Trustees of the Imperial War Museum and John HamiltonConflict at sea, 1939-1945a collection of paintings by John Hamilton displayed on board the Museum Ship HMS Belfast1979387.2074 IMP
TUCHMAN, Barbara W.The guns of August1962940.454 TUC
TULEJA, ThaddeusClimax at Midway1960940.545 TUL
TULLY, Darina LouiseThe history of small boats in Ireland:small boats in Ireland developed in relation to their environment1996387.289 TUL
TUTE, WarrenAtlantic conquest:the ships and the men of the North Atlantic passenger services 1816 – 19611962387.542 TUT
TUTE, WarrenThe deadly stroke1973940.545 TUT
TUTE, WarrenThe cruiser4th1955800 TUT
TUTE, WarrenCOSTELLO, JohnHUGHES, TerryD-Day1975940.54 TUT
TWAIN, MarkAn idle excursion and other papers1878800 TWA
U.S.A., Dept. of TransportationU.S. Coast GuardLighthouses and Lightships of the Northern Gulf of Mexicon.d.623.8942 TRA
U.S.A., Merchant Marine. Conference, 1943American Merchant Marine, 1944 ProceedingsProceedings, vol. 9: Planning the transition of American shipbuilding and shipping from war to peace.1944940.545 USA
U.S.A., Naval Historical Centre, Dept. of the U.S. NavyOperational experience of fast battleships in World War II, Korea and Vietnam1987940.545 NAV
U.S.S.R.Register Book of sea-going ships1986387.2
UDEN, GrantBritish ships and seamen, book one:the seamen1969623.88 UDE
UNDEN, GrantBritish ships and seamen, book 1:the ships1969623.88 UDE
UNESCO: Netherlands National commissionConservation of waterlogged wood:International symposium on the conservation of large objects of waterlogged wood; Amsterdam 24 – 28th September19791981930.1028 NE
UNITED KINGDOM MUTUAL SEAMANSHIP ASSURANCE ASSOCIATION1968 rules, protecting and indemnity club1968387.51 UNI
United NationLaws concerning the nationality of ships(United Nations Legislative series)195343.096 UNI
UNITED NATIONSUnited Nations Conference on Trade and DevelopmentDevelopment of ports, improvement of port and connected facilities1969387.109 UNI
UNITED STATES TREASURY DEPARTMENTBureau of CustomsMerchant vessels of the United States, 1963Including Yachts1963387.23 UNI
UNITED STATES, Dept. of CommerceMaritime metric practice guide1978623.88 UNI
UNITED STATES, NAVY DEPARTMENTHydrographic OfficeSailing directions for the west coast of India1944623.8922 IND
UNITED STATES, NAVY DEPARTMENTHydrographic OfficeAzimuths of celestial bodies7th1931623.89202 UNI
UNITED STATES, NAVY DEPARTMENTHydrographic OfficeSailing directions for the western shores of the China Sea3rd1937623.89 CHI
UNITED STATES, NAVY DEPARTMENTHydrographic OfficeSailing directions for the west coasts of Spain, Portugal, Northwest Africa and off-lying island.5th1942623.8922 SPA
UNITED STATES, NAVY DEPARTMENTHydrographic OfficeSailing directions for the west coast of India3rd1942623.89 IND
UNITED STATES, NAVY DEPARTMENTHydrographic OfficeSailing directions for the China coast4th1943623.8922 CHI
UNITED STATES, NAVY DEPARTMENTHydrographic OfficeSailing directions for the Bay of Bengal3rd1941623.8922 BEN
UNITED STATES, NAVY DEPARTMENTHydrographic OfficeNew Zealand pilot2nd1929623.8922 I
UNITED STATES, NAVY DEPARTMENTHydrographic OfficeSailing directions for the west coasts of Spain, Portugal, and Northwest Africa and off-lying islands.Supplement 19445th1944623.8922 SPA
UNITED STATES, Navy DepartmentNaval History DivisiionThe chiefs of naval operations and admiral’s house, seapower … guardian of freedom1967973.91 NAV
UNITED STATES, NAVYHydrographic Office4th1943623.89 UNI
UNITED STATES, NAVYHydrographic Office623.89 UNI
UNITED STATES, NAVYHydrographic OfficeSailing directions for the Bay of Bengal1941623.89 UNI
UNITED STATES,NAVAL OBSERVATORY, NAUTICAL ALMANAC OFFICEThe American air almanac, 1945:September – December1945528 UNI
UNITED STATES. NAVY DEPARTMENTDictionary of American naval fighting ships1959 – 1970359 UNI
UNITED STATES: DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE. COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEYUnited States coast pilot:the Hawaiian Islands2nd1933623.8922 HAW
UNITED STATESDEPARTMENT OF CMMERCEUnited States coast pilot:Atlantic Coast, Section A – St. Croix Riber to Cape Cod1944623.89 UNI
UNITED STATESDEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE. COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEYUnited States coast pilot:Atlantic coast; section A: St. Croix River to Cape Cod1941623.8922 UNI
UNITED STATESDepartment of TransportationCoast GuardCoast Guard organization manual1974359.97 UNI
UNITED STATESNAVY DEPARTMENT, HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICESailing directins for the southwest coast of Africa3rd623.8922 AFR
UNITES STATES NAVAL OBSERVATORYNautical Almanac OfficeThe American nautical almanac for the year 19531951528 UNI
UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL CENTRE FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION, in collaboration with the National Maritime Museums &Galleries on MerseysideMaritime engineering around the Irish SeaPapers presented at a Research Day School, Merseyside Maritime Museum, 19 february 1994, in association with NorthWestern Historical Engineering Group, Institution of Civil Engineers1994387.1 UNI
UPCOTT, J.D.Sir Francis Drake:and the beginnings of English sea power1927940.232 UPC
URE, JohnPrince Henry the Navigator1977920 HEN
URE, JohnThe quest for Captain Morgan1983910.45 URE
URQUHART, G.D.Dues and charges on shipping in foreign and colonial ports1910387.51 URQ
USBORNE, C.V.Smoke on the horizon:Mediterranean fighting 1914 – 19181933940.45 USB
USBORNE, C.V.Blast and counterblast:a naval impression of the war1935940.45 USE
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