List P-R
P & O European Ferries P & O European Ferries: The fleet 3rd 1994 387.54 POE
PACK, S.W.C. The Battle of Matapan 1961 940.54 PAC
PADFIELD, Peter Donitz, the last fuhrer 1985 920 DON
PADFIELD, Peter The battleship era paperback 1972 940.2 PAD
PADFIELD, Peter. Donitz the last Furher 1985 920 DON
PAGE, Frank Solo to America: the Observer singlehanded race 1972 1972 910.45 PAG
PAINE, C.W. Flotation Lesson 3 1908 623.812 YAC
PAINE, C.W. Stability Lesson 5 1981 623.812 YAC
PARKER, Captain Walter H. Leaves from an unwritten log-book n.d. 920 PAR
PARKES-BELLOC, Bessie Peoples of the world n.d.
Parkinson, A.C. Engineering workshop drawings, including an introduction to plane and solid geometry 5th 1961 604.2 PAR
PARKINSON, C. Northcote Portsmouth Point The navy in fiction 1793 – 1815 1948 808.83 PAR
PARSONS, George Samuel I sailed with Nelson 1973 910.92
PARSONS, R.H. The steam turbine: and other inventions of Sir Charles Parsons, O.M. 1942 623.8722 PAR
PARSONS, Ronald Parsons The Adelaide line, a centenary history of the Adelaide Steam Shipping Company 1875 – 1975 1942
PARTRIDGE, Colin Hitler’s Atlantic wall 1976 940.545 PAR
PAWLE, Gerald The secret war 1959 940.54 PAW
PEABODY MUSEUM OF SALEM Peabody Museum of Salem Report of the Director, 1978 197? 387.2074 PEA
PEABODY MUSEUM OF SALEM Peabody Museum of Salem Report of the Director 1979 1980 387.2074 PEA
PEARCE, Frank Sea war Great naval battles of World War 2 1990 940.545 PEA
PEARS, Charles From the Thames to the Netherlands A voyage in the Waterways of Zealand & down the Belgian Coast 1914 910.45 PEA
PEARS, Randolph Young Sea Dogs Some adventures of midshipmen of the fleet 1st 1960 910.45 PEA
PEARSE, Ronald The last of a glorious era 1934 387.224 PEA
PEARSON, Peter Dun Laoghaire, Kingstown 1981 387.109 DUN
PEARY, Robert E. The North Pole 1910 919.804 PEA
PEILLARD, Leonce U-boats to the rescue 1976 940.545 PEI
PENGELLY, C.A. The first Bellerophon 1966 940.27 PEN
Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company Regulations and Instructions 1938
PERTEK, Jerzy. Poles on the high seas 1978 940 PER
PETERSON, Basil Turn of the tide: an outline of Irish maritime history 1st 1962 940 PET
PETERSON, Mendel The fund of gold 1975 972.9 PET
PEYTON, Mike Finish with engines 1979 387.2 PEY
PHELAN, Jack Ferries of Cork 199? 387.54 PHE
PHILADELPHIA PORT CORPORATION Ports of Philadelphia n.d. 387.109 PHI
PHILBIN, Tobias Admiral von Hipper 1982 920 VON
Philip A century of progress 1858 – 1958 1958 623.81 PHI
PHILLIPS, C.E. Lucas Escape of the “Amethyst” 1957 359.47 PHI
PHILLLIPS, C.E. Lucas The greatest raid of all 1958 940.545 PHI
PICK, Christopher Ships 1979 387.2 PIC
PIKE, Dag Fishing boats and their equipment 1979 623.828 PIK
PISECKY, Franz 150 Jahre Eisenschiffbau an der Osterreichischen Donau 1990 623.82436 PIS
PITT, Barrie Revenge at sea – two great naval battles of World War I 1965 940.454 PIT
PITT, Barrie Zeebrugge: St George’s Day 1918 1959 940.458 PIT
PLUMMER, Russel Super-ferries of Britain, Europe and Scandinavia 1988 623.8243 PLU
POLLOCK, Bill Last message 13.58: death of the Princess Victoria 1990 910.4531 PRI
POLMAR, NormanFRIEDMAN, Norman Warships 1984 387.25 POL
PONTING, Clive The right to know the inside story of the Belgrano affair 1985 940.558 PON
POOLMAN, Kenneth Illustrious 1955 910.45 POO
POOR, Charles Lane Nautical science 1910 623.89 POO
POPE, Dudley The great gamble: Nelson at Copenhagen 1972 940.27 POP
POPE, Dudley 73 North: the battle of the Barents sea 1958 940.545 POP
POPE, Dudley The Black ship 1963 940.27 POP
POPE, Dudley Ramage’s Mutiny 1978 800 POP
POPHAM, Hugh Sea flight: a fleet air arm pilot’s story 1954 940.545 POP
POPPELWELL, Sean Exploring Museums Ireland A Museums Association Guide 1990 387.2074 POP
Port of Amsterdam Ymuiden and the North Sea Canal n.d. 387.109 YMU
PORT OF COPENHAGEN AUTHORITY Port of Copenhagen 1958 387.109 COP
POTTER, John Deane Fiasco the break-out of the German Battleships 1972 940.545 POT
POWELL, Michael “Graf Spee” 1956 940.545 POW
PRESTON, Antony. Battleships 1982 (Repr. 1988) 387.252 PRE
PRESTON, Antony. Great Warships 1986 387.25 PRE
PRESTON, Antony. Aircraft Carriers 1979Repr. 1984 3887.255 PRE
PRESTON, AntonyBATCHELOR, John Battleships 1856 – 1919 1977 387.252 PRE
PRICE, L.L. A short history of English commerce and industry 1900 940 PRI
PRICE, Willard Rip tide in the south seas 1st 1936 910.92 PRI
PRICE, Willard Japan’s islands of mystery 1944repr 1945 910.92 PRI
PROCHASKA, Alice Irish History from 1700: A guide to sources in the Public Record Office 1986 940 PRO
PUGH, P.D. Gordon Nelson and his surgeons 1968 920 NEL
PULESTON, W.D. Mahan The life and work of Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan, U.S.N. 1st 1939 920 MAH
PURSEY, H.J. Merchant ship stability: a companion to Merchant ship construction 6th 1977 623.8124 PUR
PURSEY, H.J. Merchant ship construction especially written for the Merchant Navy fifth 1969 623.8124 PUR
PURVES, Libby One summer’s grace: a family voyage round England 1989 910.45 PUR
Quester Gallery Maritime art retrospective paintings, May-June 1988 Models and Antiques of the 19th & 20th Centuries 1988 387.2074 QUE
QUINN, Edward History of the Irish Naval Service from 1939 940.545 QUI
R.G.D. North Sea bubbles Limited edition 808.81 NOR
RABL, S.S. Boatbuilding in your own backyard 1958 623.812 RAB
RAMSKOU, Thorkild solstenen (Primitiv navigation I norden for compasset) 1969 623.89 RAM
RANKEN, G.P. Boat sailing for beginners 1934 797.124 FAN
RANSOME-Wallis, P. abc Royal Navy 1961 359.3 RAN
RANTZEN, M.J. Little ship astro-navigation new and revised edition 2nd 1969 623.89 RAN
RAPER, Henry The practice of navigation and nautical astronomy revised and enlarged by Thomas A. Hull 19th 1896 623.89 RAP
RAWSON, K.J. Basic ship theory: vol. 1, chaps. 1-9, hydrostatics and strength 1978 623.81 RAW
RAYNES, Roxelle The sea bird 1975 910.45 RAY
READ, Alfred The coastwise trade of the United Kingdom: past and present and its possibilities 1925 387.52 REA
READ, GordonSTAMMERS, Michael Guide to the Records of Merseyside Maritime Museum 1995 387.2074 REA
REANNEY, Edward Webster Fire fighting on ships 1946 623.888 REA
REED, Mary BethSCHNEIDER, Dorothy The Barry-Hayes papers a descriptive guide n.d. 920 BAR
REED, Sir Edward J. A treatise on the stability of ships 1885 623.81 REE
REED, Thomas Reed’s shipowners’ & shipmasters’ handy book 7th n.d. 387.51 REE
REEMAN, Douglas The greatest enemy 1970 800 REE
REEMAN, Douglas A prayer for the ship 800 REE
REEMAN, Douglas The pride and the anguish 1968 800 REE
REES, Jim The life of Robert Halpin 1st 1992 920 HAL
REES, JimCHARLTON, Liam Arklow, last stronghold of sail: Arklow ships from 1850 – 1985 1986 387.224 REE
REEVE, Bernard Model ships and their construction 1947 623.8201 REE
REGAN, Geoffrey The Guiness book of naval blunders 1993Repr 1994 940 REG
Reid’s Reid’s Coaster’s Assistant and seaman’s New Guide: containing full and accurate directions for navigating the British and Bristol Channels, the whole coasts of GreatBritain and Ireland, the North Sea, Cattegat, Baltic, and Gulf of Finland; with the Northern Navigation, and that of theWhite Sea. ninth 1845
Republica Argentina Secretaria de Marina Operacion oceanografica Atlantico sur resultados preliminares 1959 551.46 ARG
RHODES, Thomas Rhodes’ steamship guide 1989 – 9 1899 387.545 RHO
RHODES, Thomas Rhodes’ steamship guide 1900 – 1 1901 387.542 RHO
RICH, C.A. Traverse and other tables for coastal yachtsmen (reprint 1970) 1969 623.89202 RIC
RICH, C.A. Traverse and other tables for coastal yachtsmen n.d. 623.89202 RIC
RICHARDSON, Alex The evolution of the Parsons steam turbine 1911
RICHMOND, Herbert The navy in India 1763 – 1783 1931 940.253 RIC
RICHMOND, Herbert Sea power in the modern world 1934 940 RIC
RICHMOND, Herbert War at sea today 1942 940.545 RIC
RICHMOND, Herbert War at sea 1942 940.545 RIC
RIDDLE, Edward Treatise on navigation and nautical astronomy 5th (ed. greatly improved) 1849 623.89 RID
RIDDLE, Edward Treatise on navigation and nautical astronomy: with rules and examples adapted to the nautical almanac in its new and improvised form 4th 1842 623.89 RID
RIESENBERG, Felix Cape Horn the story of the Cape Horn region from the days of the first discoverers through the glorious age of sail including theauthor’s own experiences; wherein an important geographical discovery is made. 1950 910.43 RIE
RIESENBERG, Felix The Pacific Ocean 1947 910.92 RIE
RINMAN, Thorsten The Johnson Line 1890-1990 1990 387.54 RIN
RITCHIE, George Stephen Challenger: the life of a survey ship 1957 387.26 RIT
RITCHIE-NOAKES, Nancy Old docks 1987 387.1 RIT
ROBERTSON, Manning Dun Laoghaire: the history, scenery and development of the district 1936 387.109 DUN
ROBERTSON, R.B. Of whales and men 1956 639.28 ROB
ROBERTSON, Terence The golden horseshoe 1966 940.545 ROB
ROBERTSON, Terence Channel dash 1959 940.545 ROB
ROBERTSON, Terence Walker R.N. the story of Captain Frederic John Walker 1958 920 WAL
ROBINSON, Richard J. Emergency, Kerry coast: the story of Valentia and the life boat 1990 623.8887 ROB
ROBINSON, William Albert Deep water and shoal 1932 910.45 ROB
ROCHE, RichardMERNE, Oscar Saltees Islands of birds and legends. 1987 914 IRE
RODRIGUEZ-SALGADO, M.J. Armada 1588-1988 An international exhibition to commemerate the Spanish armada.The official catalogue. 1988 940.232 ARM
ROGERS, Inderman An record of wooden sailing ships and warships built in the Port of Bideford from the year 1568 to 1938: with a brief account of the shipbuilding industry in the town 1947 623.83 ROG
ROGGE, Bernhard Under ten flags 1960 940.545 ROG
ROGOZINSKI, Jan The Wordsworth dictionary of pirates 1997 910.4532 ROG
ROHWER, Jurgen Axis submarine successes 1939 – 45 1983 940.545 ROH
ROLT, L.T.C. Isambard Kingdom Brunel 1970 (repr. 1976) 920 BRU
ROLT, L.T.C. Narrow boat 1949 386.4 ROL
ROLT, L.T.C. Isambard Kindom Brunel: a biography 1961 920 BRU
ROOK, Henry South and east 1946 910.45 ROO
ROSE, Sir Alec My lively lady 1968 910.45 ROS
ROSKILL, Stephen Naval policy between the wars 1968 940.5 ROS
ROSTRON, Capt. Sir Arthur The loss of the Titanic 1931additional material 1975 910.4531 TIT
ROUGE, J. Consturctions navales: coque 1912 623.84 ROU
ROWLAND, K.T. The Great Britain c. 1971 387.243 ROW
ROYAL COMMISSION ON LIGHTHOUSE ADMINISTRATION Report of the Royal Commission on Lighthouse Administration 1908
ROYAL DUBLIN SOCIETY The natural resources of Ireland: a series of disclosures delivered before the Royal Dublin Society in commemoration of the centenary of the publicationby the society of Sir Robert Kane’s “The Ind. Resources of Ireland” 1944 639.2 ROY
ROYAL NATIONAL LIFEBOAT INSTITUTION Right way up: the story of the self-righting lifeboat 1978 387.2074 ROY
RULE, Margaret Souvenir guide to The Mary Rose 1983 387.2074 MAR
RUNCIMAN, James Skippers and shellbacks 1885 800 RUN
RUSBRIGER, James Who sank Surcouf? The truth about the disappearance of the pride of the French Navy 1991 940.545 RUS
RUSSEL, Thomas H. Motor boats: construction and operation s.d. 623.8213 RUS
RUSSELL, W. Clark Betwixt the forelands 1889 940 RUS
RUTLAND, Jonathan All colour world of ships 1978
RUTTER, Owen The pirate wind: tales of the sea-robbers of Malaya n.d. 910.4532 RUT
RYAN, Cornelius The longest day 1974 940.54 RYA
RYAN, John A wave of the sea 1981 910.45 RYA
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