The Museum reopened on Monday the 10th May, and it will now be a different visitor experience than it was before Covid19. However, we are convinced that it will still be as enjoyable, given the restrictions all visitor attractions will now have to follow.

The health and welfare of visitors, our staff and volunteers are our primary focus and because of that, we have had to implement measures to protect those groups.

  • Like in a retail setting, masks will have to be worn in the museum at all times. They are compulsory. 
  • When we reopen we will cashless payments would be preferable.
  • In the short term, we will not be accepting bookings from groups.
  • There will be no guided tours in the short-term.
  • There will be Perspex screens in reception.
  • There will be sanitising stations at the entrance, exit and throughout the museum.
  • Patrons will have to follow a ‘one-way system’ moving through the museum and up to the balcony Floor signage will guide you through that journey.
  • We would ask visitors to refrain from touching any of the exhibits or glass cabinets.
  • We have a strict cleaning regime in place for the museum and the exhibits.
  • We will closely monitor the numbers of visitors in the museum at any one time to ensure that social distancing is possible.