Fun things to do in Dun Laoghaire – Visit the Maritime Museum

Children enjoy visiting the museum with their families, schools or youth groups.

Quiz Sheets

With a group of children, give them the quiz sheets. All the answers are to be found in the museum.  Who will be first to complete the quiz?  Answer sheets are available for parents and teachers.

Bell, Foghorn

Children of all ages enjoy ringing a ship’s bell and sounding the fog horn

Knot Station

At the Knot Station, learn how to tie various knots

Treasure Chest

At the treasure chest learn how “block and tackle” assist hauling a rope, whether it is to hoist a sail or to open the treasure chest


Send messages using flags and Morse Code

Loss of the Leinster

See the U-boat lurking under the RMS Leinster

Breeches Buoy

Rescue Teddy, using the Breeches Buoy

Follow the Fleet

Originally an initiative of the Maritime Institute of Ireland. A school class would “adopt” a ship and follow its voyage. The pupils wrote letters to the ship and received replies. Arrangements were made for communication via short wave radio. Some sailors even visited the schools. Irish Shipping were our main partners in this venture. Sadly when Irish Shipping went into liquidation, the scheme lapsed.
Happily, now, the Marine Institute has revised the scheme. Ships are tracked with GPS and modern technology. This is demonstrated in the Museum