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JAMES, Henry The Bostonians intro c.1979
JAMES, Henry The Bostonians intro c.1979
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JAMES, William The naval history of Great Britain vol. vi 1902 940.27 JAM
JAMES, William The naval history of Great Britain vol. iv 1902 940.27 JAM
JAMES, William The naval history of Great Britain vol. v 1902 940.27 JAM
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JONES-BATEMAN, R. An illustrated guide to the buried cities of Ceylon n.d.
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JORDAN, Humfrey Blue water dwelling 1949 800 JOR
JORDAN, Humfrey The commander shall 1950 800 JOR
JORDAN, Humfrey Sea way only 1937 800 JOR
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KEHOE, James and Eleanor Kehoe’s pub & parlour
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KIPPING, Robert Rudimentary treatise on masting, mast-making, and rigging of ships 16th 1888 623.862 KIP
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LLOYD’S Lloyd’s maritime atlas 1971 912 LLO
LLOYD’S Lloyd’s ports of the world – 1984 1984 387.1 LLO
LLOYD’S The Islamic transport directory 1987 1987 387.1 LLO
LLOYD’S Lloyd’s calendar 1960 1960 623.8949 LLO
LLOYD’S LIST PUBLICATION Bruges and Zeebrugge: the city and the sea 1995 387.109 ZEE
LLOYD, Christopher Pacific horizons: the exploration of the Pacific before Captain Cook 1946 910.92 LLO
LLOYD, Christopher Lord Cochrane: seaman – radical – liberator: a life of Thomas, Lord Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald 1947 920 COC
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LODWICK, John The filibusters : the story of the special boat service 1947 940.545 LOD
LOEBSACK, T. Our atmosphere 1957 551.5 LOE
LONDON AUTHORITY, PORT OF Shipmasters’ guide: River Thames, Thames Estuary 1969 343.096 LON
LONDON NAUTICAL INSTITUTE Logbook for the Command Diploma 1986 623.88 NAU
LONEY, S.L. The lements of Hydorstatics 2nd 1913 620 LON
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LONG, E. Laurie Deep Channels 1945 800 LAN
LONGRIDGE, C.Nepean The Cutty Sark in two volumesVol I. An account of the ship itself, with plans and full instructions for building the hull, bulwarks,and deck fittings of a scale modelVol.II. Describing the masts, spars, and rigging of a scale model, and including thebuilder’s specifi n.d. 387.224 LON
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LUARD, L. Conquering seas 1935 800 LUA
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LYON, Hugh An Illustrated guide to modern warships 1980 623.825 LYO
LYON, Hugh An illustrated gide to modern warships 1980 623.825 LYO
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