List D-F
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DANA, R.H. Three years before the mast n.d.
DANA, Richard Henry Two years before the mast 1948 910.45 DAN
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DAVIS, John E. CaptainDAVIS, Percy L.H. Sun’s true bearing, or Azimuth tables 60 degrees N. to 60 degrees S. 1913 623.89202 DAV
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DAVIS, John EDAVIS, Percy L.H. Sun’s true bearing or azimuth tables: computed for intervals of four minutes between the parallels of latitude 30 N and 30 S inclusive 1900 623.89202 DAV
DAVIS, John EdDAVIS, Percy L.H. Sun’s true bearing or azimuth tables: computed for intervals of four minutes between the paralels of latitude 30 N and 30 S Inclusive 1887 623.89202 DAV
DAVIS, Percy L.BURDWOOD, John Sun’s true bearings or Azimuth tables 60 degrees N. to 60 degrees S. (s.d.) 623.89202 DAV
DAVIS, Percy L.H. Supplementary azimuth tables for various intervals of hour angle, between the parallels of latitude 64 North and 64south 1916 623.89202 DAV
DAVIS, Percy L.H. Alt-azimuth tables: latitude limits 30 to 64 declination limits, 0 – 24 1918 623.89202 DAV
DAVIS, Percy L.H. Star’s true bearing or azimuth tables, computed for intervals of ten minutes between the parallels of latitude 30 and60 inclusive 1914 623.89202 DAV
DAVIS, Percy L.H., F.R.A.S. Star’s true bearing or Azimuth Tables: computed for intervals of ten minutes between the Parallels of Latitude 30 degrees and 60 degrees inclusive 1914 623.89202 DAV
DAWSON, A.A.P. The stabilisation of dockworkers’ earnings 1951 343.096 INT
DAWSON, Christopher The hull 1967 623.84 DAW
DAWSON, Christopher The rig 1967 623.862 DAW
DAWSON, Lionel Flotillas 1935 920 DAW
DAWSON, Lionel Gone for a sailor 1963 920 DAW
DAWSON, Philip Canberra In the wake of a legend 1997 387.243 DAW
DE CUELLAR, Francisco The Spanish Armada 1988 940.232 ARM
DE BARY, Richard The land of promise An account of the material and spiritual unity of America 1908
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DE BOER , G. J. The centenary of the Stoomvaart Maatschappij ‘Nederland’ 1870 – 1970 1970 387.54 DE B
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DE ROOS, W. North west passage 1980 910.45 DER
DEARDEN, R. L. A seafarer’s harvest 1935 910.45 DEA
Decca The Decca navigation system Handbook for the Decca navigator receiver marine model no date 623.893 DEC
DELBOS, Leon Nautical terms in English and French and French and English 1902 623.88 DEL / REFERENCE
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DEMPSTER, Guy The phantom wing 1937 800 DEM
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DENHAM, H.N. The Aegean: a sea-guide to its coasts and islands 2nd 1970 623.8922 DEN
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Civilian War duties, what ou should do to protect your country, yourself and your family in the event of war being made upon us and yourdistrict in town or country becoming the scene of military operations n.d. 940.53 IRE
DEPARTMENT OF THE MARINE Air / sea rescue services: report of Review Group 1990 623.8887 DEP
Department of Trade (U. K.) The ship captain’s medical guide Twentieth edition 1967 (repr. 1975) 610 DEP
DERRETT, D.R. Captain The Mariners’ highway code: with questions and answers 1965 4.096 DER
DESCOUTTER, Denny The boat-owner’s practical dictionary 1978 623.88 DES
DESMOND, Shaw Windjammer: the book of the Horn 1932 910.45 DES
DESMOND, Shaw Windjammer The book of the Horn n.d. 910.45 DES
DETMERS, Theodor The raider kormoran 1959 940.545 DET
DICKENS, Peter Night action: MTB flotilla at war 1974 940.545 DIC
DIENELT, Bernt The maritime postmarks of Ireland Part 1. Paquebot and maritime mail postmarks 1987 769.567 DIE
DIGBY, E. AylmerCOLE, Sanford D. Pilotage law: being the Pilotage Act 1913 1913 343.096 DIG
DIJKSTRA, Gerard Self-steering for yachts 1979 623.862 DIJ
DIVINE, A.D. Destroyer’s war: a million miles by the eight flotilla 1942 (repr. 1943) 940.545 DIV
DIVINE, A.D. The merchant navy fights tramps against U-boats 1940 940.45 DIV
DIVINE, David The nine days of Dunkirk 1964 940.545 DIV
DOBSON, ChristopherMILLER, JohnPAYNE, Ronald The cruelest night 1979 940.545 DOB
DOCK AND HARBOUR AUTHORITIES Annual report 1957 1957 387.109 DOC
DODMAN, Frank E. The Observer’s book of ships 19731957 387.2 DOD
DODSON, Kenneth Away all boats 1970 800 DOD
DOMMETT, W.E. Submarine vessels: including mines, torpedoes, guns, steering, propelling & navigating apparatusand with notes on submarine offensiveand defensive tactics, & exploits in the present war. 1915 940.45 DOM
DONAT, Hans Practical points on boat engines 1979 623.8723 DON
DONNELLY, E.L. Electrical installation: theory and practice 2nd 1972 (repr. 1978) 621.31 DON
DONNELLY, KevinHOCTOR, MichaelWALSH, Dermot A rising tide: the story of Limerick harbour 1994 387.109 LIM
DORLING, Lieut. Taprell All about ships a book for boys n.d.
DORLING, Taprell”Taffrail” Men o’war: Jervis, Cochrane, Marryat, Fisher, Beresford 1929 920 DOR
DOUGLAS, K.S.LAMB, H.D. Weather observations and a tentative meteorological analysis of the period May to July 1588 1979 940.232 ARM
DOUGLAS, K.S.LAMB, H.H.LOADER, C. The meteorological study of July to October 1588: The spanish Armada storms 1978 940.232 ARM
DOVE, Patrick I was Graf Spee’s prisoner! 1940 940.545 DOV
DOVER, Victor the shipping industry: its constitution and practice 1952 387.51 DOV
DOWLING, Commander R, Ships and Shipping. A Handbook of popular nautical information; with numerous diagrams, plans and illustrations. 3rd Revised 1909 387.2 DOW
DRAKE, Maurice The salving of a derelict 1917 800
DU BATY, R.R. 15,000 miles in a ketch n.d. 910.45 DU B
DUBLIN PORT Developing for the future 1991 387.1009 DUB
DUBLIN PORT AND DOCKS BOARD Custom House, Docks and warehouses 1957 387.109 DUB
DUBLIN PORT AND DOCKS BOARD Diary and tide table 1932: list of members, principal officers, etc. 1932 387.1009 DUB
DUBLIN PORT AND DOCKS BOARD The Port of Dublin: official handbook of the Port of Dublin 1930 387.109 DUB
DUBLIN PORT AND DOCKS BOARD Dublin Port Developing for the Future 1991 387.109 DUB
DUBLIN PORT AND DOCKS BOARD Dublin Port Five-year development plan to 1993 and beyond s.d. 387.109 DUB
DUBLIN PORT AND DOCKS BOARD Port of Dublin Yearbook 1984 1984 387.109 DUB
DUBLIN PORT AND DOCKS BOARD Port of Dublin Yearbook 1981 s.d. 387.109 DUB
DUBLIN PORT AUTHORITY 1867 – 1967, 100 Years of Dublin Port: a century of change 1965 387.109 DUB
Dublin Port Company Dublin port yearbooks 1998 199? 387.109 DUB
DUBLLIN PORT AND DOCKS BOARD Pilotage bye-laws 1958 343.096 DUB
DUBSKY, KarinBLAKE, AlisonMCMANUS, FframkATKINS, Leslie Coastwatch Europe 1993 Irish national results. 1993 333.917 DUB
DUFF, Douglas V. Sea Wren’s Maiden voyage 1st 1949 800 DUF
DUFF, Douglas V. Heroes of the sea n.d. 800 DUF
DUFF, Douglas V. The story of the Merchant Navy: two thousand years of seafaring 1954 387.54 DUF
DUFFY, Francis J.MILLER, William H. The New York Harbour Book 1986 387.109 NEW
DUGAN, James Man explores the sea 1960 797.23 DUG
DUGAN, James The great iron ship s.d. 387.243 DUG
Dun Laoghaire Harbour Board Developement plan for Dun Laoghaire Harbour Presented by Prof Dermot McAleese, Chairman, Dun Laoghaire Harbour Board, to Dr Michael Woods TD, Minister for theMarine 1992 387.109 DUN
DUNDALK TENANTS AND RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION “Down the quay”: a history of Dundalk Harbour 1988 387.109417 DUN
DUNDALK TENANTS AND RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION Down the quay: a history of Dundalk Harbour 1988 387.109 DUN
DUNN, Laurence British passenger liners 1959 387.2432 DUN
DUTHIE, J.L. To the rescue: life-saving at Aberdeen, 1802 – 1924 1981 623.8887 DUT
DYE, F. Popular engineering 1895 620 DYE
EADDY, P.A. Hull down 1955 910.45 EAD
EARL, Lawrence Yangtse incident: the story of H.M.S. Amethyst, April 20, 1949 to July 31, 1949 1950 940.55 EAR
EASTLAKE, F. WarringtonYOSHI-AKI, Yamoda Heroic Japan: history of the war between China and Japan 18971 940.28 EAS
EDWARDS, Commander Kenneth Operation neptune 1946 940.545 EDW
EDWARDS, E. PriceWILLIAMS, T. The Eddystone Lighthouses (new and old)With an abridgement of: Smeaton’s Narrative of the building of the oldtower An account of the Building and General arrangements of the new tower 1882 623.8942 EDW
EDWARDS, Kenneth The mutiny at Invergordon 1937 940.5 EDW
EDWARDS, Kenneth Men of action 1943 920 EDW
EDWARDS, Kenneth Seven sailors 1945 920 EDW
ELLIOTT, Colin Steam fishermen in old photographs: the story of the glorious age of steam drifters and trawlers… 1979
ELLIOTT, Collin Sailing Fishermen in old photographs the story of the old sailing smacks of the North Sea, Scotland and English Channel 1978 387.26 ELL
ELLIOTT, R.L.MORRIS, J.P. Great sea rescues of the south west Plus the story of the Plymouth lifeboatsby J.P. MORRIS 1st 1974 623.8887 ELL
ELLIS, Chris Famous ships of World War II in colour 1976 940.545 ELL
ELLIS, Robert Haunted ships of the North Atlantic 1997 910 4531 CAH
ELLSBERG, Edward Under the Red Sea sun 1946 940.545 ELL
ELLSBERG, Edward Men under the sea n.d. 797.23 ELL
ELLSBERG, Edward, Commander Men under the sea 1940 797.23 ELL
ELLSBERG, Edward, Commander On the bottom: an epic of deep-sea diving 1929 797.23 ELL
ELVSTROM, Paul Elvstrom speaks… to his sailing friends on his life and racing career 1970 797.124092 ELV
EMERSON, George S. John Scott Russell: a great Victorian engineer and naval architect 1977 920 RUS
EMMERSON, George S. The greatest iron ship: S.S. Great Eastern s.d. 387.243 EMM
ENFIELD INDUSTRIAL ENGINES Instruction Book: the care and maintenance of the twin cylinder Enfield “100” air-cooled diesel engine 1955 623.8723 INS
ENGEL, Leonard The sea 1963 591.92 ENG
ENGLAND, Captain Richard Schoonerman 1983 910.45 ENG
ENRIGHT, Joseph F.RYAN, James W. Shinano! 1987 940.545 ENR
Esberg Arbog for fiskerie-og Sotartsmuseet, Salvandskvariet: Esbjerg 1997 1998 387.205 FIS
ESQUEMELING, John The buccaneers of America: a true account …. 1987 910.4532 ESQ
ESTERMAN, Percy F. War cargo 1941 800 WES
EUSTACE, Grant Unique ship, unique experience Queen Elizabeth 2 world cruise 1981 1980 387.542 EUS
EVANS, Admiral Sir Edward British Polar Explorers 1943 919.04 EVA
EVERITT, Don The K boats 1972 940.45 EVE
EVERS, Henry Theory and practice of navigation 1873 623.89 EVE
EYRE, FrankHADFIELD, Charles English Rivers and Canals 1945 914 ENG
FAIR, Marvin L. Port administration in the United States 1954 387.1 FAI
FAIRBURN, William Armstrong Merchant Sail 1945 to 1955 387.224 FAI
FALKUS, Hugh Master of Cape Horn: the story of a square-rigger captain and his world: William Andrew Nelson, 1839 – 1929 1982 920 NEL
FARMER, H.F. The log of a shellback: a narrative of life and adventure before the mast in the nineties n.d. 910.45 FAR
FARRINNGTON, Karen War at sea 1995 940.53 FAR
FARTHING, Bruce International shipping An introduction to the policies, politics and institutions of the maritime world 1987 387.5 FAR
FAULKS, R.W. elements of transport 1969 380.5 FAU
FAWCETT, Lt-Col P.H. Exploration Fawcett Arranged from his manuscripts, letters, log-books and records by Brian Fawcett. 1954
FIELD, Captain C. Old times afloat: a naval anthology 1932 940 FIE
FINCH, Robert Beyond the Ocean Rim 1943 800 FIN
FINDLAY, Alexander George Sailing directory for the Ethiopic or South Atlantic Ocean: including a description of the coasts of South America and Africa 1899 623.8922 FIN
FINK, Leo Gregory Barry or Jones, “Father of the United States Navy” historical reconnaisance 1962 973.30922 FIN
FISHER, Lord Records 1919 920 FIS
FISHER, Lord Memories 1919 920 FIS
FITZGERALD, C.C.P. Boat sailing and racing containing practical instructions for bending and setting sails, trimming, stering and handlingboats under all circumstances of wind and weather 1888 797.124 FIT
FITZGERALD, Patricia.KENNEDY, Olive An Gorta Mor i gCill Alaidhe The Great Famine in Killala 1996 940.28 FIT
FLANAGAN, Laurence Ireland’s Armada legacy 1988 940.232 ARM
FLEET, H.L. My life and a few yarns 1922 920 FLE
FODOR, Denis J.Editors of Time Life Books The Neutrals 1982 940.5325 FOD
FONTAINE, Hughes Portuaires 1993 387.1
FORBES, Donald Two small ships 1959 940.545 FOR
FORBES, Rosita Sir Henry Morgan: pirate and pioneer 1948 910.4532 FOR
FORD, Franklin L. A general history of Europe: Europe 1780 – 1830 1970 940.27 FOR
FORDE, Frank Maritime Arklow 1988 387.109 ARK
FORDE, Frank The long watch: the hisotry of the Irish mercantile marine in world war two 1981 940.53 FOR
FORESTER, C.S. Lord Hornblower 1949 800 FOR
FORESTER, C.S. The good shepherd n.d. 800 FOR
FORESTER, C.S. Flying Colours 1955 800 FOR
FORESTER, C.S. The ship 1943 800 FOR
FORESTER, C.S. The hapy return 1949 800 FOR
FORESTER, C.S. Hornblower in the West Indies 1958 800 FOR
FORESTER, C.S. The Commodore 1949 800 FOR
FORESTER, C.S. A ship of the line 1949 800 FOR
FORESTER, C.S. Hornblower and the Atropos 1953repr 1954 800 FOR
FORESTER, C.S. Lieutenant Hornblower repr 1971 800 FOR
FORESTER, C.S. Mr Midshipman Hornblower 1951 800 FOR
FORRESTEL, E.P. Admiral Raymond A. Spruance, USN A study in command 1966 940.545 FOR
FORSTER, C.S. The naval war of 1812 1958 940.27 FOR
FORSTER, D. Arnold The ways of the navy 1931 940 FOR
Forth Ports Authority Forth Ports 1983 handbook 1983 387.109 FOR
Forth Ports Authority Forth Ports n.d. 387.109 FOR
FOSTER, Cecil 1700 miles in open boats: the story of the loss of the S.S. Trevessa in the Indian Ocean, and the voyage of her boats to safety 910.4531 TRE
FOSTER, John M. Hell in the heavens 1961 940.545 FOS
FOULKE, Robert D. Life in the dying world of sail 1870 – 1910 1963 387.22 FOU
FOWLER, William M., Jr. Under two flags – the American Navy in the civil war 1991 973.75 FOW
FOWLER, William M., Jr. Rebels under sail – the American navy during the Revolution 1976 973.35 FOW
FOX, Christopher Skerries harbour: a short history 1970 387.109 SKE
FOX, Uffa Sail and power 1936 623.8122 FOX
FOX, Uffa Uffa Fox’s second book companion to ‘Sailing, Seamanship & Yacht Construction’ 1935 623.812 FOX
FRACCAROL, Aldo Italian warships of world war II 1968 623.8225 FRA
FRANCIS, Clare Come hell or high water 1977 910.45 FRA
FRANK, Wolfgang The sea wolves The story of the German U-Boats at war 1955 940.545 FRA
FRANZEN, Anders The warship Vasa: deep diving and marine archaeology in Stockholm 1960 910.4531 FRA
FRASER-MACDONLAD, A. Our ocean railways, or the rise, progress and development of ocean steam navigation 1893 623.8243 FRA
FREESTON, Ewart C. Prisoner of War ship models 1775 – 1825 1973 ( repr. 1987) 623.8201 FRE
FREITAG, Hans-Gunther Hamburg: Portrait of a metropolis 1979 387.109 HAM
FRENCH, T.E.SVENSEN, S.L. Mechanical drawing: a text with problem layouts 1962 604.2 FRE
FRIEDMAN, Norman Modern warships design and development 1979 623.825 FRI
FRIEDMAN, Norman Battleship design and development 1905 – 1945 1978 623.8252 FRI
FROUDE, James Anthony English Seamen in he sixteenth century Lectures delivered at Oxford Easter terms, 1893-4 new impr. with ill. 1901 940.232 FRO
FRYER, Thomas and Son Willcolke’s and Fryers’ Novel System of Aritmetic Calculations 7th 1840
FUCHIDA, MitsuoOKUMIYA, Masatake Midway 1961 940.545 FUC
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