Ireland and the WW1 Endgame


David Snook our speaker talks about how he has endeavoured to improve his understanding of Ireland’s part in the WW1 endgame. Geographically, Ireland was right in the middle as the British and US governments overcame the U-boat threat and transported food, war material and two million US troops to Europe. The U-boat defeat led to […]

SS Isolda Lecture

Elleesa Rushby MA, a current PhD student at the University of Bedfordshire, UK., is researching ambiguous loss in descendants of the SS Isolda sinking. Ambiguous loss occurs where the body of a loved one is never found. The Irish Lights Tender SS Isolda was sunk by the Luftwaffe on 19 December 1940 while carrying out […]

My search for Du Teillay

DuTeillay sm

When David’s grandmother Elizabeth Sullivan née Gill (school teacher and amateur historian) died in 1987, the family entrusted her vast collection of research – letters, charts and historical documents to David.  Over the past 35 years, with the help of DNA, genealogy software and computers David has managed to advance her research quite considerably. David’s research […]

A Dangerous Stretch of Water

dangerous stretch of water

Pat McCarthy, a native of Waterford city and past pupil of Mount Sion, holds a PhD and an MBA from UCD. He is the author of The Irish Revolution 1912-23, Waterford (Four Courts Press, 2015), Waterford and the 1916 Rising (Waterford city and county council, 2016), The Redmonds and Waterford, a political dynasty 1891-1952 (Four […]

Captain Halpin Lecture

halpin 380

Born in a dockside tavern in Wicklow town, Robert Halpin began his seafaring career at the age of eleven. Unafraid of danger, particularly when potential profit outweighed risks, he ran supplies to the Confederate ports in the American Civil War. His greatest days at sea were as Commander of the largest ship on earth, The […]

Royal Navy’s Hijacking of Archbishop Daniel Mannix

The incident made headlines round the world. What was it about Mannix’s proposed visit to Ireland that led the British government to risk international opprobrium in having him arrested on the high seas in such dramatic circumstances. This talk will examine the background to this incident and the reasons why the British government believed the […]

Ghost Ship Legends

This talk will discuss the stories of the coast, in which history is woven through with folklore, and the spirits of lost ships and sailors are said to return. The Ghost Ship Map of Newfoundland and Labrador brings archival material to life by presenting legends from local communities in visual and interactive form. Our Speaker, […]

A Talk on Ernest Shackleton – Video

Kevin Kenny, organiser of the annual Shackleton Autumn School, will give an overview of Ernest Shackleton’s life, from childhood in Ireland through his extraordinary exploits and what he got up to when he wasn’t battling the Polar elements. Everybody knows a piece about Shackleton, the intention of this talk is to build the person around […]

Dalkey Coast Watchers Lecture

Dr Michael Kennedy gave a great lecture on the Dalkey Coast Watchers on Thursday 28th January. It was well received and very well attended. We recorded the lecture and below is the lecture (without the Q+A). So if you missed it, it’s well worth a watch and if you saw it live it’s a chance […]

Women And Children On The RMS Leinster Restored To History

Renowned, maritime historian Philip Lecane, author of Torpedoed! The RMS Leinster Disaster has just written a new book to be published by Elm Books in October to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of RMS Leinster by German submarine UB-123. His exhaustive research over a quarter of a century has uncovered previously unknown accounts and […]