AGM Registration

What do you need before the AGM?

  • All members who are willing to attend and vote at the AGM must Register below (you will need an email and your Membership number to register)
  • Only Registered & Verified members will receive an Invitation by Email
  • Each invite is linked to an email ID hence every member should register with a separate email
  • Do not share the invitation with others as it will not work for more than 1 member
  • Registration closes at 17:00pm Wednesday 7th April


  • Each member registered can cast only one vote for each resolution
  • All members will be notified by the host that voting is about to begin.
  • Names of all candidates or wording of the resolution will be visible during the vote.
  • Members will be given some time before voting ends (2 minutes)
  • After all the voting ends, the results will be verified by the teller and communicated to the Chairperson.
  • The Chair will announce the results of the voting during the meeting.
The AGM is an opportunity for members to put questions to the Board. Before the AGM, members may also submit questions by the form below or by email to (at least four working days before the date of the AGM). Members are encouraged to submit questions in advance due to the limitations of the electronic meeting and in order to facilitate proper consideration of the question by the Board. We will try and answer as many of these questions as time permits
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