List A
A. I. B. Allied Irish Banks. A report on the exploration and production of hydrocarbons and minerals offshore and onshore Ireland. 1978 622.17 ALL
ABBOT, T. K. Elementary theory of the tides 2nd 1901 525.6 ABB
ABEL, Sir Westcott, The Ship and her Work. Studies in Commerce Vol. II. 1923 623.8124 ABE
ABRANSON, Erik with paintings by MORTELMANS, Edward Ships of the high seas 1977 623.81 ABR
ACWORTH, Bernard The navy and the next war 1935 940.5 ACW
ADAMS, Thomas A. Irish Naval Service. 1982 359.9 IRE
ADMIRALTY, Great Britain British merchant vessels lost or damaged by enemy action during second world war 3rd September, 1939 to 2nd September, 1945 1947
ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON OIL POLLLUTION OF THE SEA Oil pollution on the coast of Ireland 1978 and 1979 1980 333.917 ADV
Advisory Committee on Oil Pollution of the Sea Annual Report 1980 1980 333.91 ADV
AGUTTER, R.,BJORN, Morc Fearnley & Eger: 1869 – 1969 1968
AGUTTER, Rodney Fearnley and Eger, 1869-1969 1968 387.54 AGU
ALBION, Robert GreenhalghPOPE, Jennie Barnes Sea lanes in wartime: the American experience 1942 973 ALB
ALEXANDER, Kent Flags 1992 929.92 ALE
ALLEN, Joseph. Life of Nelson 185? 920 NEL
ALLINGHAM, William Weather signs and how to use them, for use at sea. 1912 551.63 ALL
ALLISON, R.S. H.M.S. Caroline A brief account of some warships bearing the name, and in particular of H.M.S. Caroline (1914-1974), and of her part in the development ofthe Ulster Division, R.N.V.R. and later R.N.R. 197? 387.252 ALL
ALSTON A. H. Seamanship and its associated duties in the Royal Navy 1860 623.88 ALS.
ALTIMIRAS J. (trans. WILLIS, Tom) Sailing knots 1984 623.8882 ALT
Altonaer Museum in Hamburg Norddeutsches Landesmuseum Schiffahrt: auf alten Photographien c 1983 387.2074
An Bord Iascaigh Mhara (The Irish Sea Fisheries Board) The story of sea fishing n.d.
An Bord Iascaigh MharaThe Irish Sea Fisheries Board The story of sea fishing n.d.
An Roinn Iasraigh & Foraoisearhta (Fisheries and Forestry) Sea and inland fisheries statistical abstract 1982 1983
ANCHOR LINE LTD Anchor Line: Eastern Services; R.M S. Caledonia, Cilicia, Circassia. 1959 387.54 ANC
ANDERSON, Commander William.R.BLAIR, Clay Nautilus 90 North. 1959 910.45 AND
ANDERSON, Ernest B. Sailing ships of Ireland: a book for lovers of the sail, bing a record of Irish sailing ships of the nineenth centure 1984 797.124 AND
ANDERSON, John The last survivors in sail 1948 387.224 AND
ANDERSON, Lt. Cdr. Bill Navigation exercises for yachtsmen 1974 623.89 AND
ANDERSON, Lt. Maxwell H. The elements of pilotage and navigation, with notes on the correction of compasses 1908 623.89 AND
ANDREWS, Jim Catamarans for cruising 1974 623.8223 AND
ANGELOGLOU, Christopher SIMPSON, Colin Sir Francis Chichester: voyage of the century 1967 910.45 SIM
ANGELUCCI, Enza Encyclopedia of ships 1970 623.82 ANG
ANNING, E. G.BENTLEY, F.J. The log of the H.M.S. Argonaut, 1900-1904: China Station 1904 940.28 ANN
Anon Capt. James Cook, Navigator n.d. 910.45 Coo
ANSON, George A voyage round the world in the year MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV. 7th 1748 910.45 ANS
ANSON, Peter F. How to draw ships 1941 743.94 ANS
ANSON, Peter F. British Sea Fishermen 1944 639.2 ANS
ANSON, W.V. The life of John jervis: Admiral Lord St. Vincent 1913 920 JER
ANSON, Walter Vernon The life of Admiral Lord Anson: father of the British navy 1697-1762 1912 920 ANS
ARCHER, StellaPEARSON, Peter The Royal St. George Yacht club a history 1987 797.124 ARC
ARLINGTON, L.C. Through the dragon eyes fifty years’ experiences of a foreigner in the Chinese government service 1931, re-issue 1934 359 ARL
ARMITAGE, Albert Cadet to Commodore 910.45 ARM
ARMSTRONG, Thomas Dover Harbour 1942 800 ARM
ARMSTRONG, Warren Atlantic Highway n.d. 387.2432 ARM
ARMSTRONG, Warren Atlantic bridge from sail to steam to wings; a diverse record of 100 years North Atlantic travel. 1956 387.52 ARM
ATKINSON, James A compleat system of navigation: in two parts. MDCCLXVII (1767)
ATTWOOD, Edward L. The modern warship 1913 623.825 ATT
AUBREY-REES, W.C. Shipmaster’s business companion and business guide 1943 387.51 AUBReference
AUTHORITY OF THE METEOROLOGICAL COMMITTEE A barometer manual for the use of seamen: a text book of marine meteorology 1912 551.63 MET
AXELSON, Kjell A.JOHANNESSON, Tomas The Gorthon Shipping Companies 1915-1985 1985 387.54 AXE
AYMAR, Gordon C. Start ’em sailing 1945 797.124 AYM
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