Map showing public car parks
Note that a new library is being built on “Moran Park” and “Bowling Green”


Open (almost) every day 11AM to 5PM . . . . The Museum


Easy access by bus, train, ferry and car.

  • Dublin Bus routes 7, 7a, 8, 45a, 46a, 59, 75, and 111.
  • Aircoach stop at the Royal Marine Hotel, beside the Museum.
  • DART rail service
  • Stenna Line Ferry from Holyhead
  • There are several public car parks nearby
  • We do not have any car or coach parking facilities


View the location in Google Maps (marked with an Anchor)


There are many hotels and guest houses nearby


as well as restaurants and cafés


There is an Eircom Hotspot in the Museum.
Even if you are not with Meteor, eMobile or Eircom you will get 10 minutes free WiFi access and then for about €1 for the day

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