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Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit

Altar Area – Baily Optic

The Baily Optic

This giant “Optic” (a light from a lighthouse) dominates the museum. Here we learn of lighthouses and lightships.
This optic came from the Baily Lighthouse in Howth.
Here there are some inventions of John Wigham
As well as the story of Irish Lights







Group Assembly Area

These new stained glass windows are to be found in the “group assembly area”. The coffee shop is here

Entrance & Shop

The entrance has changed slightly since this photograph. The shop stocks books and gifts

Rescue Cart

Shore Rescue Cart

A complete Shore Rescue Cart with all of its equipment. Learn how these rescues were done. Observe the
Breeches Bouy (with Teddy)Continue

Great Eastern

Great Eastern

When the Great Eastern was launched in 1858 she was the largest ship in the world, designed to carry 4,000 passengers. She was a financial disaster as a passenger ship. She was refitted as a cable laying ship and laid over 48,000 km (30,000 miles) of telegraph cable.

See a model of this ship, samples of telegraph cable used, the story of Captain Halpin and how he recovered the lost cable



Since early times ships were driven by oars and sail. Then in the 1700’s with the discovery of how to use steam, everything changed.
The engine on display is a triple expansion steam engine from the Saxifrage, one of two dredgers owned by the Office of Public Works. Built in 1908, the Saxifrage was a grab dredger, used for lifting large objects including rocks.
These dredgers worked around the coast of Ireland, deepening harbours. They spent a great deal of time in DúnLaoghaire, as the harbour needs constant dredging.

Irish Naval Service

Navy Ships

Models, including the Muirichu and the M1



There have been lifeboats in Dublin Bay for more than 200 years. Here we have models of some of these lifeboats and remember gallant rescues and tragic losses.

RMS Leinster


Over 500 lost their lives, near the Kish Lighthouse. This event prolonged World War One. View the excellent model,presented by Tom Connolly.

See U123 lurking beneath (in the Children’s Eduation Area.)


Read the book

DúnLaoghaire Harbour

DúnLaoghaire Harbour

Before the harbour: Losses: the Rochdale and the Prince of Wales,

The building of the harbour

The ferries: the “four provinces” and the “four sisters”

There are models of many of these ships

Education Area


  • Treasure Chest
  • Knot station
  • Find the U-boat

Emergency Exit

The Emergency

DúnLaoghaire Harbour

The story of the Irish Mercantile Marine during World War Two
There is a collection of paintings ofships lost, by Kenneth King

The Kerlogue is regarded as the exemplar, attacked by both sides andrescued crew from both sides

The Kerlogue display includes sketches drawn by Hans Helmut Karsch, whileinterned in the Curragh

Lawlor Room

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