Remember: Clonlara, convoy OG71


Sunk by torpedo from U-564 in North Atlantic, 22nd August 1941, convoy OG 71
The CLONARA had rescued thirteen men from the ALVA
HMS CAMPION rescued thirteen survivors from the CLONARA
(five from the ALVA and eight from the CLONARA)
The six uninjured crew from CLONARA, were brought home by the CITY OF DUBLIN

Carr, William, Dublin Green, Edward, Dublin
Kavanagh, Edward, Dublin Lambe, A., Dublin
McGuigan, Peter, Lusk, Co.Dublin McKane, Samuel, Dublin
Reynolds, Joseph, Drogheda Robertson, Archie, Limerick
Smith, William J., Dublin Spanner, John T., Wexford
Spence, Robert S., Dublin

and two wounded


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One thought on “Remember: Clonlara, convoy OG71

  1. Dan Carlton

    My Father was one of the Survivors on the Alva. He was on his way from Glasgow to Lisbon to deliver a ship load of coal and I am intrigued to hear that survivors of the Alva were picked up by the Clonlara, as my Dad told us that he was picked up by a Royal Navy Tug called the Empire Oak. You can read my Father’s story in my Online Autobiography Blog. I don’t suppose there was a list of names of those who were picked up by the Clonlara? It is facinating to find out more about the OG71 Convoy. There has been a book published called “Nightmare Convoy” and my Father feels that even the Admiralty had got its facts mixted up, a bit like Nicholas Monsarrat had done when he wrote the Cruel Sea.
    I would like to hear from you and maybe together we can get a clearer picture of the events of that awful event.

    Kindest regards
    Dan Carlton

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