Remember: Ardmore with 24 crew

SS Ardmore

Mined and sunk off Saltees Island, 12th November 1940

Mined and sunk off Saltees Island, 12th November 1940


Barry, Frank,  Passage West, Co. Cork Hare, Thomas Edwin, Dublin O’Regan, James, Cork
Bruland, Edward, Passage West, Co. Cork Johnson, A., Liverpool O’Shea, Frank, Cork
Cronin, James, Cork Kelleher, John, Cork Power, John, Cork
Desmond, Bartholemew, Cork Lane, John, Cork Power, James, Cork
Fennel, James, Cork McGlynn, John, Dublin Raymond, Michael, Cork
Flynn, Patrick, Cork McNally, Sydney, Liverpool Ryan, Patrick, Passage East, Co. Waterford
Ford, Michael, Cork O’Donovan, P., Cork Speed, Edwin,  Liverpool
Ford, Thomas, Liverpool O’Leary, Timothy, Cork Dalgrano, Joseph, Dublin


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5 thoughts on “Remember: Ardmore with 24 crew

  1. John Sinnott

    To Whom It May Concern.

    I lived in a rented house called Ardmore in Greystones in winter of 1961 and in the hall of that house,hanging from a wall bracket, was a brass ship’s bell incribed with the name “Ardmore” which I believed then was from a sunken ship. I wonder if it is one and the same.
    Regards, John Sinnott. (Sydney, Australia).

  2. admin Post author

    John, thanks for the post. However, I am advised that the wreck of this Ardmore was located more recently than that. Still, it would be nice to know where it cam from. Regards, ClementMcGann

  3. Owen Vaughan

    With the info I have and your listing I now believe that the body of either Frank O’Shea or Frank Barry came ashore on the Caridgan shore with in 10 days of the sinking. All I have to do now is find the location of the burial.
    Owen V.

  4. Peter Mulvany

    Reseach which we did in 1998 on the demise of the SS Ardmore indicated that on December the 3rd 1940 the body of Captain Thomas Forde was recovered from the Beach at Llanon and the bodies of Able Seaman Frank O Shea and Cattleman Michael Raymond were recovered from the Beach at Aberarth which are south of Aberystwyth in Wales. The remains of Frank O Shea and Michael Raymond were later returned to Cork for burial.

  5. Kim Mc Evoy

    I had just heard about this ship on our local radio today, and the list of men killed was read out and I immediatly was drawn to one name James Cronin Cork, if this is the same James Cronin I am looking for I am his great great grandaughter, he was born in Cork about 1850 and was a merchant sea man and was based on vessell ‘Falcon’ in Angelsey in 1881, he returned to Ireland then in 1898 to have his son Cornelius with partner Mary Foley and I haven’t been able to track him down since.

    I would be greatful if anyone had any information on him to futher my research into my family tree.

    Thanks in advance.

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